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The First Dinner

For posterity's sake (and also because they're not as bad as you think), here's everyone that I remember who showed up to the 'Fae' dinner.

Guest List:
Sloan Harkon
Duke of Loyalty, Mercutio
Duke of Slime
Owen ap Cuchulain
Morion Feanor Emrys
Dahal Devonshire
Emperor Artex Bluebane (of whom my mother is still married to)
Sir Zula Darkwillow
Sarriette D'Amandes (my aunt)
Dame Freesia Den'ier
BrightHammer Thunderwalker
King Sir Pyr Darkwillow
Thon Lightbringer
Elania Vaverious
Baron Diamond Banecroft
Sir Mahkta McKrye (my knight)
Lavendar Van Der'Hooten
Duchess of Illusions, Lassandra
And of course, Robin G. Goblin.

There were more that came in and out that evening then are on the list. The inn my mother had rented for the dinner was a four story affair, with the lowest being the bar. The bar was owned by Jozan Albrecht, and ran by Barkeep Kristof and his wench ('Red-Haired Foul Wench'), Momo. For stories on everything that took place? Well, here again is the posted list, so ask away of those people.

And no, I just stayed upstairs in the rooms on the fourth story. Silly me wasn't interested in things of fae at the time. But I got better. - Iawen Andromeda Penn
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