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Date: November 15th, 1010
Responses: One.
It took me some time to manage to find the words to put this to paper. The others have made mention of Wayland and Bedlam striking at the party. While I don't understand the fact that the Darkness was called down on the Leaf, I understand full well the motivations of Dani-or, the young mage in question. Dani-or Becsuul is the girl who's eyes I saw through for this dream. She truly believed, or perhaps believes, that she was doing everything she did for the good of Faerie as a whole and for the good of her family. Dani-or was furious that her adoptive sister, the Doe of Yester, was being sent away, she was also afraid of what happens when Bedlam and Wayland have been defeated and there is nothing for Faerie to unite against. She decided that the best way to unite Faerie is to supply them with an enemy that is close enough to be an enemy but far enough away to be able to survive. To this end, she became a Wayland mage. I understand her motivations, but I don't condone her methods. Far from it. I simply want it to be known that I don't believe she is too far gone to be redeemed. Even in the end when she called upon the memory of one of the darkest hours in Faerie, she did it to ensure that all those present Under the Leaf fled before the Darkness could get them.

I also wish to make it known that she has the makings of a Wayland blade on her person. During the final Court of the day, she entrapped Tamesis, head of one of the Wild Houses.

I may have missed some things in writing of this as it hurts greatly to put to paper my strange memories of having "been" a Wayland mage. Feel free to ask me questions about the girl Dani-or Becsuul if you have any.

Squire Tara Harkon
I can give some insight on the one calling down Bedlam during the final court, as I was the one witnessing it through his eyes. There were no good intentions on his part. He gave himself over willingly and eagerly. He cared not for the fates of the others involved, he simply desired power the likes of which he had never before tasted. Let us hope he became a simple Bois in the process, because if he became something different we may have a dangerous new player on the field. (Sir Mestoph)
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