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Wayland Blades

Author: Tetch
Date: unknown, before 1000

Here is what little I know of the Wayland Blades.

They were forged many years ago, by a smith named Wayland, who hated Fay. He
used the bodies and souls of fay children to forge the blades. Their were
seven blades. Each named after the soul they were forged from. Three of the
blades were Morax, Belith, and Albion. I do not recall the names of the
other six. (I think one was named Soulex, but I'm uncertain.)

Contact with the blades killed most fay instantly.

The Black star mages enacted a ritual to release the souls trapped within,
making the wayland blades and their current weilders, into the Furies. The
Furies possessed a blackstar mage, Meerkat (Belith - killable only by groups
of 4 or more), Topknot (Albion- killable only when no other Fury was
around), Gonf (Morax), a dream demon masquerading as Blak, Prospero, and
Lucas all became Furies.

When Heron sacrificed his abilities to become the 'wild mage' he destroyed
the sword held by Prospero (I think), and the magic from all the blades
waned and died.
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