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The Gruagach

The Gruagach is a monster currently terrorizing the Realms.

--The Gruagach has been slain. Orado entered the beast's mouth with Vale Guard and ripped its heart apart.--

Much of what has been said about it is unconfirmed. The description below consists of information that has been gathered through various sources ranging from personal accounts to further speculation. It will be updated as details are confirmed and more information is discovered.

Final description:
The Gruagach was a large beast with tentacles, claws, and a large, gaping mouth. Its claws were made of cold iron and had the force of a boulder. Its mouth also had the bite force of a boulder. Its offenses were, indeed, correct. It is still unknown whether it was Fae or not, however it has been eliminated. It could only be permanently destroyed by a blade called Vale Guard.

Original description:
This monster is reported to be quite large, with long arms. One arm consists of a cold iron claw and the other is so massive that it has the force of a large boulder. This monster is rather vicious, stalking people's dreams and attempting to devour all those in its path when it presents itself within the Realms. It is also rumored to be Fae and has been feeding upon the Twilight Fae, particularly the males of the race.

It has been banished once before, into Laika en'Naur. Even so, it seems to have been able to reach beyond its banishment into the dreams of those in the Realms.

Information gathered of the Grugach is complied here.
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