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The Assault On Wayland

Type of Missve: Mass Distribution
Date: March 27, 1011
Responses: No
Yesterday, we made an assault on the Infinite Dark in which there were some successes, significant losses, and an epic destiny established.

We traveled to a place that had once been beautiful. A place where the Smith only ventured in order to forge special projects. In this instance, his goal was to create a weapon intended to be the bane of all things. I was fortunate enough to speak with a spirit of an ancient fae who was being held in this place and could not cycle due to the presence of the Smith. We learned a good deal of information from her that allowed us to move forward with our intended purpose.

After a bit of work to access the area, we were able to enter the place where the Smith was working. Half covered in the Infinite Dark, we found the forge. We organized our ten chanters around the forge and began our ritual to call forth the Smith. We did as intended and stopped him from finishing his project. It was in that moment that we determined that we did not know what to do next with the Smith's hammer which was all that remained of him. Through Seer magics we determined that our option was to let the Infinite Dark out or pull it into the weapon. Unfortunately, we found this information moments too late as the Infinite Dark began to pour out. Again with Seer magics, we determined that our only course of action was to move to higher ground and try to escape as there was now nothing we could do to save the realm we were in.

In the end, we were told by Death that Defenders would be needed to stay behind to slow the assault of the Infinite Dark enough for the remainder of us to escape. The Church of Vandor rose to the occasion without hesitation to become our last line of defense. Other gods were called on and we were able to make our escape leaving my family in Mythguard and the Lord of Folkstone behind as our last faithful hope.

Because I am not a follower of Vandor, I was forced out so their act of faith would not be diminished. Because I couldn't be there to see the final onslaught I used all my remaining Seer magic to view the conflict that my family was facing. I watched as they were continuously pushed back but still fought with purpose against wave after wave of an unending tide. At the end there was a flash of light in what I believe was the moment that the epic destiny of the Defenders was unleashed. Their blades shining bright as the sun, they rained down furious blows against the Infinite Dark. When they were at their end instead of being cut down, they disappeared and the Infinite Dark finished its consumption of that realm. I would learn later that my family had returned safely by Aurora's intervention.

Having nothing else to look back on, I began to walk back to rejoin the rest of the forces of the Realms. I was stopped by a spirit who wanted to show me the realm that we were just in from a time before the corruption entered it. I saw a beautiful, vibrant, pure place. It was a place of dancing. It was a place of tranquility. It was a place that we all should know of and remember in our dreams.

This is the reason we refuse give in.
This is the reason we continue our fight.
This is the reason we continue to tell these tales.
This is the reason why the Light will triumph in the end over the Dark.

Never give up. Never falter. Never forget. Never lose faith!

~Johan of Mythguard
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