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Random Missives

Type of Missve: Copied
Date: scattered
Responses: scattered
Nov 8, 1011 -

Feel free to relate to the Kathrani as you both see fit.

The names of the children take are Amanda Thatcher, Joseph Hunter, Emily Farmer, Sebastian MacDanson, and Dorathy Keller.

The creatures responsible are a demon and a man. The man is unknown to members of the order but the demon might not be. They have stirred many forces to keep Light from them. To keep help from the children. A pack is being reborn and more innocents will be lost. There are two possibilities to keep this from happening again; to stop the creation of shadowbeasts and innocents being used as such according to the spirits.

"The first, is to find all references and knowledge about how to draw up a contract to cause someone to bind to a shadow-demon. One all such references and knowledge is found, destroy it all. Then hunt down anyone that may have this knowledge memorized, or may have working knowledge on the methods necessary, and destroy them. This will be difficult, as you will not ever know if you have gotten 'everyone' or 'everything'. Further, you may learn the process while hunting it down, then you must decide whether you too, should be destroyed, that no-one can take that knowledge from you."

"The second would be to find a way into the plane of Shadow, and destroy the Demons that accept the pact. For if the Shadow-Demons do not exist, they cannot power a Shadow-Wright."

The spirit then has this to say: "The Shadow-Demon has allies, and has tricks that its predecessors did not employ. The only reason you were able to get any information is due to the Intervention of the Goddess on your behalf. Anything less will bring severe repercussions to the caster, or minimally, the spells so employed will fail."

It cautioned me to be wary and then its light was blotted out by shadows. We are dealing with something very dangerous and fast moving. The pack isn't formed yet, and will not have a target until it is made.

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