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Phoenix, on Azrael, 1011

May 26th, 1011 M.R.

Two months ago I agreed to take the trials necessary to become a Kathrani. One of these was to seek out knowledge of an enemy and to share that knowledge.

I immediately, and perhaps naively, chose the ancient vampire Azrael and spent a great deal of time pursuing multiple avenues to gain knowledge of him. As I worked on this project, person after person, and even spirits, warned me repeatedly of both how evil and how powerful he is. I found him able to block divinatory magic and even able to see me in the dreaming when I attempted to research him there. I learned that many whose abilities I truly respect including Zeek, Elwick and Arkan had all attempted to combat him in the past with limited success.

I knew he was aware of my research. I knew he wasn’t pleased. I became scared. I told myself that it was more prudent to release my final report through the protected lore section of the Library of Ivory. While I most likely am correct in that it would be more personally prudent to release in that way, I have concluded that if I truly wish to do service to the Realms and maximize the impact of my work it is far more important that I share it loudly and publicly.

You see, Azrael is perhaps the most dangerous threat our Realms has ever known, and the thing that makes him most dangerous is how easy it is to overlook him. He gathers power. He has gathered favors from Gods and continues to try to do so. He has hunted and eliminated all who may have been the key to his destruction. Then he goes away. He lays low for awhile. He is secure enough to not feel a need to give speeches about his power. He makes alliances for his benefit when convenient, but is not weakened by caring for those he aligns himself with. He is patient.

By the time he reappears in our lands, those who understand the threat he poses are busy with other things. He takes advantage of our short attention spans. He appears an unassuming bald man. When I first met him he wasn’t even carrying a weapon and I conversed with him without knowing who he was. He is easy to underestimate as a threat. Many point to him as a possible ally in other fights not realizing the danger of putting him in a position to earn additional favors from Gods, for his ultimate goal is survival and he realizes that without divine assistance we will never be able to defeat him and will use the favors he has to prevent his destruction. He is smart. He is self serving. We will always lose more than we gain if we consent to working with him.

The specific origins of Azrael are unknown. He existed before Green Daughter, the first Guardian of the Northern Wildes, who lived more than 2000 years ago. Azrael has been referenced in verse as the “First Hunter” and “Dark Angel”. Unlike many vampires, Azrael does not feed on blood but rather consumes souls.

The Guardian of the Northern Wildes, Moonsinger was turned by Azrael in 594 and was taken by the Kal Kre Bain. Her name was taken from her and she became known as the Nameless One. She sired Marra the Darkchilde and Marra sired Tabitha thus both were of Azrael’s line.

Tabatha turned Gweneth, a Tetch shard who had connections with Aurora. When the blood of Azrael’s line flowed through her, she felt a strength that she believed had the power to destroy him. She prophesized that that one of his blood would be the key to his destruction. I believe she meant the literal blood of his line was of importance.

Azrael was able to follow the hero’s that hid her in a temple in Cawdyll to her and destroy her. He then hunted and killed all others of his blood line. As of the Feast of Chimeron XIX there exist no others of his line. It is unlikely that he’ll ever turn others, as he is aware of the prophesy.

Illinar had a death cult that worshiped Azrael. Monty Banks was a member. They sacrificed humans to him. It is also said that there are those far in the west who worship him as a death god. Those that worship him are rumored to give him sacrifices once a year at a predetermined time. There is nothing to indicate that Azrael wished to be worshiped and it is said he seemed disdainful of it.

As I mentioned earlier, Azrael has been working to gain favors from Gods to help ensure they will not be a part of his destruction. He currently has favors from Aurora, Gaia, Tymora, Justari and Rexan. He has said to have actively been trying to gain a favor from the Creator.

Those that are opposed to vampires are his enemies but none seem to actively engage him. Again, this is evidence of his power and lack of known vulnerabilities.

Many shared what they knew of Azrael willingly. They have my thanks. Even with their help what is unknown about him exceeds what is known. If you have any additional information about him please forward it on. If you come in contact with him, remember my warning.

Phoenix of Folkestone
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