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The Ritual of Restoration

The Kal’s Ritual of Restoration
Written by Therian of Elemere

This document is a detailed description of the ritual necessary to heal a damaged area caused by the weakening between worlds and caused by what is known as Bainen. Please review previous sections on the Kal en Dral for terminology that is not defined by this document.

I and 4 others were asked to help heal a section of blighted land near Fort Griffindor in the lands of Chimeron. The expedition was led by Mistress Dame Twenaria of Elemere. Also within the group was Squire Tara Harkon of Chimeron, Quinn of Chimeron and Baledor (lands unknown). Upon our arrival, we discovered a blighted area of land about the size of two standard tournament fields. This had been a Bainen Gate at one time, but it had been previously removed. What was left, however, was a “weakened” space where the gate and temple once was. There was no residual taint, but the land needed to be healed. Casting Healing spells into the land would restore it on only a minor scale, so a much larger ritual had to be done.

Also must be clarified that by “Weakened”, it is meant the area is diminished both magically and spiritually. While from mortal eyes, there seems nothing visibly out of the ordinary, a feeling of uneasiness and nausea can accompany approaching a blighted area.

Please see previous sections on the Kal en Dral, the Circle of Four and the Circle of Eight. This Ritual is similar in formation to the Ritual of Banishment used to break a Bainen Gate. A Circle of 4 people minimum is necessary. A Circle of 4, with 4 anchors (8 people total) is preferred. A Circle of 8 or a Circle of 8 with anchors (16 people total) is the most powerful of the designs. In short, the amount of energy to perform a specific task is finite therefore the more people involved makes the task easier. The area we had to Restore, we having the weakest option and with only 1 anchor, was not large but because of our few numbers, it was exhausting, leaving us weak and tired.

It was decided that a person would represent each of the elements and would have a token representation of that element with them at that position. This can be considered a “makeshift temple” for the sake of the Ritual casting. And, in our case, so that Spirits could be summoned to teach us how to do the ritual.

Mistress Dame Twenara = Ko = Earth = East = Healer
Squire Tara Harkon = Ka = Fire = South = Warrior
Baledor = To = Air = West = Knowledge
Quinn = Ma = Water = North = Protection

Therian = Ko = Earth = East = Healer = ANCHOR

Since this Ritual takes place within the Spirit Realm, an additional Person as Anchor adds to the energy in the ritual and creates a tether between the primary and the Anchor, as well as the primary to the mortal plane.

The start of the Ritual begins in the East at Ko and continues “clockwise” and ends with Ko.
1.) Ko scans the blighted area, looking for broken/ blocked connections within the flow of energy of the place.
2.) Once Broken connections are found, Ko directs Ka to burn the blockage(s).
3.) To will then scan the area and see if there are any further problems with those connections that Ko may have missed, such as small pieces of Bainen.
4.) Ma then takes any issues found and pushes it into Ka, thus burning and destroying the pieces.
5.) Ko then takes over and repeats this process. If Ko does not see any more blockages at this point, Ko will end the ritual.

This process takes time and can continue around for many passes until the ritual is ended by Ko. For us, with the amount of people we had and for an area this size, it took us the greater part of the day.

The Mavericks, teaching and application
It is not enough to know the specifics of the Ritual; the process needs to be taught in order to understand how each Primary will be able to connect with the spirit world and work together to operate this task. Since in our case only one of us had done this ritual before, a group of spirits called the Mavericks was summoned for aid by Dame Twenaria. Each of the 4 Spirits summoned were representative of a single element. In order to teach, all people involved must willingly surrender their Self (body, mind, spirit) to the entity in order for them to possess the person. It is in this way that, while the Spirits did the majority of the work, we were able to witness how the Spirits were using our energy in order to remove the blight. This process of teaching, while effective, is completely intrusive: if you cannot trust the Spirit teaching completely and cannot allow yourself to remove all defenses in order to learn, then the Spirit will not enter you and you will not learn the process.

The Mavericks
Ko-Mozzly = Ko = Earth
Ka-Jelen = Ka = Fire
To-Kilee = To = Air
Ma- Sumal = Ma = Water

It is not known by me how many Mavericks there are, but one can assume at the very least one for each point of the Circle of 8.

This document does not include extended information on the Mavericks, or the language called Nihandi, only the ritual itself and the experiences thereof, since my information is not substantial enough to comment. It is believed by me this ritual could be conducted by our group of people without aid of the Mavericks at this point, so their involvement in the ritual was to teach and guide and are not necessary to perform the ritual, so long as the primaries at least have been trained. Also, I believe the ritual could be performed without training in this manner, however it is potentially dangerous and should have instructors capable to ascertaining it is being done properly.

Written by Sir Therian of Elemere on the 19th day of the eleventh month of the year one thousand ten.
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