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Jeyde's Former Trials

Author: Jeyde Icebreaker Thunderwalker
Place/Gathering Discovered: Tuath Fasach
Date: August 14, 1004
Transcribed by: Sir Iawen Penn
(given over with old papers from Tuath Fasach)

With a slight bow of the head toward Cloud & Mist, Jeyde says, "I choose your code, your direction, if you would have me."

The Thomma-Munuko nods politely, smiling warmly, his voice slightly louder within Jeyde's mental 'ears', though all eight are still speaking as One. (We will each give you our proving Challenge in turn, it may take you some time to solve each, so we will give them to you all at once...)

Now the tenor changes, and the voice apparently the Thomma's alone: (Shaman, it is the role of the Shaman to consult spirits and council chiefs. It is the role of the Shaman to keep the tribe upon the proper path. My task might seem small, or perhaps trivial, but I feel it is vital, and a task that should likely continue far beyond your Trials, should you become a Kathrani Full. The Kathrani do not speak to each other. They do not share tales and deeds. They do not consult each other. They grow distant not only from each other, but from the Spirits they have Chosen. My task is this: Establish a 'meeting time' for the Kathrani and Ichigiritorrennin to gather and speak of the troubles within the world. Even if this 'meeting time' is only through travel of a pidgeon. Communication is important. This should not be a singular event, but a reoccurring one. After the Trials have been given, I would gladly speak with you more on this, and my concerns and suggestions.) (I did this, but sadly too many commitments on the Kathrani end, and too many quests and other 'Need-To-Take-Care-Of-Now' things distracted many of the Ichigiritorrennin at that time. I called for three meetings, and Baronness Shalindra was the only person to show up at all three, and she was the most busy at that time, I think.)

As To was Jeyde's secondary, it makes it's presence known by ruffling Jeyde's hair. (Hunter, your disgust with the hoarding of knowledge is one that I share. You are right -- innocents die when knowledge is not shared. Learn all you can about a foe of your choosing. It can be something like a specific being that threatens the world, or a species that seems intent on harming the Natural Order, or something similar. As you learn, make your findings known to the others of the Order, or to whomever you feel would benefit from the knowledge. You may choose to do these reports at your meetings, or over elf mail to the general populace, however you wish. It does not have to be a master work, or 'complete'. It will be a piece in constant progress, as life is, as knowledge should be.)(I worked on two pieces: one was updating Reeve's (One-Covering Warrior) drow dissertation, and the other was on a Vol, a type of monster that Hunts, and Hunts well. Both of these were lost in in my guild books to Ascerbus setting them ablaze.)

The Kaetma-Munuko bobs again. It feels like a salute of respect. (Crusader, the time draws near when leaders will be needed to bring those to bear against the enemy of the natural order. My proving challenge to you is this: find four others that do not follow the way of the Ichigiritorrennin, but are still good of heart. Bring them to bear in a contest of arms. Direct them, learn from others how to improve your tactics as a war leader and practice these tactics. Take your group and bring them to bear against seven other groups of five.) (I did this, but my group was beaten so soundly that two left half-way through the 'tourney'. I scrambled to gain two others. The Company of the Sun won that day, led by Zeek McKrye-Ko. Faelinn Shadowmoon who was still in Fairhaven, was on that team as one of those who did not follow the Way, but was still good of heart. I believe Dahal Devonshire was a part of that group as well... my memory fails me there. Long story short, I failed in this task. I did attempt to get other groups of five to fight my second group at other events, but no one wished to 'waste the raises', nor even fight peace-bound. My group split apart a few months after...that's when I realized that people just didn't listen to me, so I started getting louder and bossier as I saw Rel and Sir Elwick do. That, by the way, got me nothing but trouble. I don't recommend it unless you can back yourself up, all by yourself.)

The Ka-Munuko salutes again. (Warrior, bring about the utter destruction of five creatures of corruption, be they bainen, undead, or minions of the Erl King.) (I was able to destroy five undead all by myself. I still have their scalps, washed out and scrubbed and bleached, here on my mantle. I was waiting to present them to Ka so they could be burned to ash and to show Ka I had done this, but... well, read on.)

The Kikma-Munuko seems to radiate a bit more heat, acknowledging Jeyde. (Guardian, dark times approach, and resolve and dedication will be necessary in the times ahead. There are many items within the world that are of import in the fight versus corruption. Sometimes, keeping these items safe is a very dangerous, thankless task. We foresee that such items will soon come to the world, and that you will be a unique position to get one. Listen to your Dreams, they may reveal more to you then we can.) (The rumor shortly after this time that was floating around was you couldn't trust everyone, and that everyone could be a Skald. I kept getting nightmares sent to me, although I knew not from who or where or why. Because of this, Kathrani and Ichigiritorrennin that I held dear kept things and knowledge from me for different reasons that I'll never know. Due to that and my own short-comings that added me to the Western Flank (after being killed and scalped by an actual Skald, my soul added to his messy pool at the time), I ended up failing this task hard-core. I still have no idea what 'items' they meant. I did, along with BrightHammer and help from Laurante, though, burn The Journal of Sands. I still have the very last piece that refused to burn, locked away here on my mantle. The Ash Daggers, I think, starting showing up this year, so maybe they meant those?)

The presence of the Ko-Munuko seems a bit closer, and says more clearly in Jeyde's ears: (Healer, I have seen and watched your work within the Grove of the dead Gruha. I approve. Even though you do not know the way of the Taig, even though you cannot speak with it, or Work it, you have shown unrivaled care in continuing to nurture it. I have no task for you, and would call you Sister to any that would ask. If a task from me you would still have, so as to not feel cheated, I ask you this: contact the magus known as Tetch. Tell her you are skilled at caring for things of earth. Tell her why, if you think it will help. She will have need of your skills and dedication very, very soon. Do not delay.) (And so I didn't delay. I sent Tetch a note as soon as I was back in Tuath Fasach. ...but I was too late, apparently, for Tetch was gone, or broken, or taken away. And although I did my best to attempt to find her, my best was not good enough. At least I got in some time with One-Covering Warrior.)

The clay child, the Khemma-Munuko, smiles brightly at her. (Craftsman, at one of your meetings, make something to share with the others. Be it a tale, story, or food. Whatever you wish, so long as it nurtures the rest of the Kathrani in some fashion.) (I did this. I made doughnuts and bagels from scratch for the first time, as for one summer I befriended a baker named Tim Horton, and he taught me how to bake those things. I still can now in my home, and occasionally do... Shalindra and Dahal said thank you when I chased each Kathrani and Ichigiritorrennin down in the North to have some at that meeting... but as I said, people were too busy with their own things. At least I technically passed this one.)

The waterfall that is the Ma-Munuko is still for a moment, it's voice in Jeyde's mind. (Crone, wisdom that is borne of knowledge. A path learned by treading it. A Crone cannot lead where she has not gone. In letter form, write about a foe you have faced and helped defeat, or a quest you have undertaken and completed. Send copies of this letter to the ranks of the Ichigiritorrennin and the Kathrani, and to those you trust.) (I did this, but again, it was very hard to get a hold of the Ichigiritorrennin. I think the worst part was not knowing who was who anymore, because some wished to keep their status private for reasons unknown to me. Ascerbus then burnt my original copy, and the ones set up for the Kathrani. I wrote them by hand, because at the time, I thought elf-mail was... well, 'cheating', frankly.)

They all chime in: (When you have completed the Trials of the Four, you will be given the Trial of the One. Do you agree to the Trials set before you?)

...and I did, although I was confused at the time. Did I not get Eight Trials, not Four? But don't question them.

...The Munuko then went silent for some time. I was strangely the last one to speak to One-Covering Warrior before he changed into Rail(which is Liar backwards) and went to fight for the Erl King. I met Sir Aleta, who was a very interesting character that some said she was a 'Shade' of Corliss. I didn't believe that, but she said she worked for her Master, Ko-Kastian (as I heard it) because He said she had to, not because she wanted to. Sir Aleta was always mad at 'people being idiots' and would hang towards the back of lines and occasionally bark at people to raise fighters. I don't remember if she was a Healer or not herself. She wore lots of black and olive green, and would ask about my family and my personal life. As she seemed trust-worthy, I opened up to her about my above Trials, and my worry that with the Munuko not answering to say whether I had passed or failed any or all Trials, that I had done something heinously wrong. After calling back Metron's soul at the same gathering I voiced this concerned, Sir Aleta actually hugged me and said, "If you feel you have failed, then you *have* failed."
...she walked away after that, and I never saw her at a gathering I was at again (although some say they've seen her many times since then).

So there you have it. Let my failures be a lesson to you. And if there *is* one thing I can counsel you on...


The Kal en Dral and all that has to do with it are not some prize to be hoarded between the 'popular' people, nor is it a place to win glory and fame. You are, to the best of my knowledge, the third or fourth group to get together and attempt these trials. Learn from ALL of our mistakes, not just mine, and always ask for help. You already have a negative connotation to your name and your order: this is your chance to do better than us, even those old Kathrani who have re-joined you now. Do better, and don't hold on to stupid traditions of 'this is the way it has always been' unless it comes direct from a Munuko itself! LEARN FOR YOURSELVES, don't just blindly listen to some person because they are older and have more experience. Do not let anyone look down on you because you are young.

...how I wish I could just sit every one of you down and walk you through it, help you out. But I cannot physically travel at this point, with a young child to care for.

...so I shall simply add a Shunti to the Altar for you.

I wish I knew who you all were this time around.

Good luck.
- Jeyde Icebreaker Thunderwalker,
Master Weaver, Spiritualist
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