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BrightHammer's Former Trials

(Found these in the piles of old Tuath Fusach papers. Asked uncle Bright if this was the first or second go-around for the late Sir BrightHammer, and he said he had no idea... so, there you go. Brighthammer's notes. - Sir Iawen Penn)

Kathrani Homework

Kikma - Guardian - Berserker
Stone - Ko
Magma - Ka

Guardian: to protect the innocents/place that is most important to the Guardian
- relate to guarding Tuath Fusach and Nadina, and what it means to me.

Berserker: Uses rage to become a better warrior to fight evil.
- relate how feeling give an edge in battle

Kathrani Meeting Notes
Wilds - why on fire?
Zemarks burning Wilds
- Riddle? says the cult moved in
- Silence is about to be Broken if nothing is done
19th of this month Red Apple Inn in Misty Hills, south of Folkestone
- What evil is the cause? Bug eats the leaf, the bug is eaten by another bug, which gets eaten by another bug, where is the evil.
- Help? Deal w/Zemarks
- North is burnt...the fire is out but the burnt area is pretty big.
- Watch out for Negative Plane.
- May be able to get [from] cults essence of Rhomer(?)

Lair/Temple of Victory (crossed out)
- no physical presences
- in risk little
- we risk lots
- everything that thinks it can set to...
Send info out to each other in riddles.

Priest of the Bain
He is a dark [???], spying on us.
- Actively sending undead after us, necro
- Rail is my hero! (viciously crossed out)

Temple at Victory
- Ka, no pillar
- Stuff underneath
- What do I need to do to fix the temple?
- Desecrate[destroy] the corruption, Reconsecrate to the Kal en Dral
Q-Where is the corruption defiling the temple?
A- Stagnation underwater
-Wicked Arcane undermagic
- Corrupted Filth underflesh
- Evil glass understone
- Hopelessness underspirit
- Dis'lyk-in stood at each point

- Shield, silver face
Maces (silver?)
Gate, Ram, Boulders
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