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The Kal en Dral

Name: Kal en Dral
Domain: the elements of Nature (Fire, Water, Earth and Air)
Symbols: -
Avatars: unknown
Plot marshals: - - -
Area of Influence: unknown
"The Kal en Dral are a group of gods. They are the spirits of the elements of Earth, Fire, Air, and Water, and the Spirit/Life that is formed from the summation of all of these. They are not simply beings that embody these elements, or make use of these elements... they are these elements. When you speak of the element Fire, you are speaking of the Dral aspect of Ka. They are one in the same. It is important to understand this before you can understand the Kal en Dral. They strive to maintain the natural order of this world." - Aeston Stromgate, A Dissertation on the Kal

As of this time period, April 10th, 1018, there appears to no longer be a way to reach out to the Munuko, the Cybalen, or anything/anyone that has to do with the Kal en Dral. In order to figure out the why, however, one needs to track down the former folks known as 'Kathrani' or 'Ichigiritorreninn' and ask what happened. - Sir Iawen Penn-Nosetti
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