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The Aspects of Ka

Author: Faelinn Shadowmoon
Date: October 1011
“Fire is the element of Power.” - Kor, Ikuseizu circle of Munuko

On the surface, the element of fire seems the most simplistic. People who have taken the trials of the Munuko are quick to make their minds up about who is a Ka, or what a Ka does at first. For many, the sight and sounds of a roaring fire conjures up images of what an individual fancies Ka should be. A Ka should be donned head-to-toe in his armor, his great sword at the ready to tackle any foe. A Ka’s temper vicious and harsh, almost to the point of cruelty at times, and her ferocity knows no bounds.

While there are pieces of truth in this perception, the element of fire, Ka, is more complex than just looks alone.

“Ka, as I mentioned before, is fire, light, darkness and starlight. We tend to be direct creatures, and are often sought by those who wish to fight. We can heal, but do so by destroying that which harms the whole, not through care of the sick. it is our nature to destroy, to feed, to break down things into ash. We tend not to be gentle, but can save the cold - but the price again is destruction.” - Kess-Ka, a fire rani.

The aspect most are familiar with Ka is that of destruction. A fire consumes; leaving only char and ash behind. A forest fire levels a once lush forest. Fire kills and destroys. The primary of Ka’s aspects is purification through destruction. Bainen are killed, their taint scourged, and nothing is left behind of the corruption. While not subtle, it is necessary when combating an enemy at times. In Kathrani rituals, Ka is the sword against corruption, or the purifying flame that scours blight from the land. When the threat has been destroyed, then the natural order can be healed by the others (whether in a group of four or eight).

The quality of purity is often overlooked in the the wake of destruction, and yet this is another aspect of Ka. Using fire in this way to consume and cleanse is a form of purity, such as a sickness is burnt away with a fever. Bleeding wounds are cauterized to stop the loss and prevent infection. Using Ka in this manner can also be personal; in giving up a part of one’s self and their energy to burn sickness and the unnatural away, purity can be gained, until one has nothing left to give (much like an actual fire).

While it may seem as though a raging fire is an uncaring thing, the heart of a Ka is steadfast. There is an old Auroran saying: “The Light is brightest just before it goes out.” It is Ka’s drive, selflessness and obligation to duty that fuels the last stand and stands as an inspiration to others. Ka does not hold back, even at the cost of itself. Likewise, a controlled fire can do many things such as generating heat for warmth or be used to see at night. A controlled burn can be beneficial for forests by reducing excess fuel and deadwood, and it can stimulate some trees to germinate thus replenishing the forest over time. This controlled destruction can (in the long run) provide benefits to nature on the whole.

“There is generally very little subtlety to Fire.” - Heather, a prophet of the spirits

This leads us to another aspect of Ka: that of the leader. Ka’s leadership abilities tend to do with war and battle. Warriors, Generals, Crusaders, Berserkers; these are all people of fire and are perhaps the most well-known of the Ka. A Ka can inspire on the battle-field as well as motivate others by action and by example; taking the fight to the enemy and becoming an unrelenting force. When efforts fall flat and morale is low, it will be a Ka who extends their drive to others, and challenging all to look within themselves to kindle their inner fire and continue onward.

Finally, Ka is the element of passion, that inner fire within every living being. It is the intensity of our personality, our feelings, enthusiasm, our instinct. Passion and drive can fuel us to do great deeds and push us to see a fight through to the end. It causes us to act, but not necessarily think. It can be a great tool and kindle the inner fire of others, for when you are truly passionate about something (be it a task, a hobby, or even a person or job), your inner fire lets you shine and inspires others to shine as well.
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