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About the Kal en Dral

Author: Tetch
Date: unknown

The Kal en Dral are a group of gods.
The Dral are the embodiment of the Elements Earth, Air, Water and Fire.
The Kal are the Spirits behind the Elements. They are Four and One.

Each of the Dral has an Aspect, or a general method of dealing with things, or a general way of looking at things. There are exceptions, of course, as the Kal en Dral are not beings of Law and Order, but of Nature and Balance.

The Kal is often viewed as a singular entity, merging all of the Dral within Itself.


There is a hierarchy of beings within the framework of the Kal en Dral.
In decending order:

Kal (the Gods)
Dral (the Elements)
Cybelen (the Handmaidens/Angels/Demi-gods of the Kal)
Gemari (the teachers) and Munuko (the wanderers)
Rani (the children)

Guardians, the demi-mortal caretakers of Kal en Dral interests in the Realms, are considered Cybelen while in office.

The Aspects:

Each Element of the Kal has a different strength, weakness, balance, sphere of interest and a traditional location.
The following are generalities only, and do not describe every being.

Earth (Ko)
Strength: The Mother: Renewal, birth, healing...
Weakness: Short-Sighted. Doesn't think in Tomorrows, but nows and thens.
Balance: Cannot refuse to help a being of this plane that needs renewal, or healing
Spheres of Interest: Strength, Stability, Immovability, Armor, Fortitude, Healing, Birth,
Traditional Location: East

Water (Ma)
Strength: The Crone: Flexibility/Adaptability.
Weakness: Fickle.
Balance: Instability.
Sphere of Interest: Death, Life, Protection through Adaption, Spirit/Soul/Will, Wisdom.
Traditional Location: North

Air (To)
Strength: The Hunter: Universal, is everywhere and everywhen. Time Travel.
Weakness: Short Lived.
Balance: Cannot speak of the Future in anything but Riddles and hints.
Sphere of Interest: Profesy, Voice,
Tradional Location: West

Fire (Ka)
Strength: The Warrior: Combat oriented.
Weakness: Straitforward, Direct and Blunt
Balance: Destruction. Fire only exists through the destruction of something else.
Sphere of Interest: Purification, Destruction, Will.
Traditional Location: South

Conversation with a Rani:

"I am a Ka-Rani, which loosely translated means 'Fire Child', though that is not strictly accurate. 'Ka' also is 'Darknes' and 'Starlight'... there are 'Dark' Ka-Rani, they are rare and shy... Today I am called Kess-Ka, but my name and demenor is as flexible as flame. To-Rani are 'Air Children', Ma-Rani are 'Water Children', and Ko-Rani are 'Earth Children'. Most of us are pretty temporary, except the Ko-Rani who tend to be more inflexible... Most Rani names are short, with an extra sylable proclaiming what kind of Rani they are... So, I am Kess of Ka or Kess-Ka. Even the bigger servitors of the Kal en Dral follow that prinsiple... The munoko and the Cybalen also have names followed by their aspect...

The Kal en Dral are gods... The Kal is the One Spirit that guides us all... The Dral are the Spirits behind the elements... Ka, as I mentioned before, is fire, light, darkness and starlight... We tend to be direct creatures, and are often sought by those who wish to fight... We can heal, but do so by destroying that which harms the whole, not through care of the sick... it is our nature to destroy, to feed, to break down things into ash... We tend not to be gentle, but can save the cold - but the price again is destruction... We make fires to make strong blades, to make food that will not make people sick, to keep people warm... Fire is important, but the price is always destuction - that way we are always in balance... Ma is water, the spirit of life, flexibility and sometimes spirit. I do not know much about water, I'm sorry... I'm sure you could figure out why... where I am heat and light, she is cold and sometimes death... Where our balance is destruction, hers is instablity. Water changes constantly. Trusting a Ma-Rani is acceptable only if you can read its phases... They are not direct beings... and prefer to remain out of conflicts as is their strength... You would be hard pressed to fight a water being- as it is too flexible... To is Air and as such knows much since To is everywhere... To is also a being of Profesy, as To can go forward and back along the streams of time... They are balanced by their lack of focus, they can not speak their knowledges strait out, as that would upset the balance... they are the shortest lived of the Rani, changing frequently... Ko is the earth and the Earth... She and they are the mothers, the force of birth, renewal and life... She is very kind, but often doesn't see the long term effects of things - she is a healer... She heals everything of this earth - good and bad... It is her balance... Where we would destroy, she builds and cannot help but build... It is her balance to heal everything, renew everything...
Each aspect has a direction, a place where we are considered to 'be'. Ka is south, Ma is north, Ko is east, and To is west...

The Kal-Cybelen (Sib-el-in) are bigger than the Rani- almost gods in their own right..., the Munuko are those that wander far and near of our home, Munuko (Moo-new-koh) means 'nomad', Gemari (Jem-are-ee) means 'teacher'... they are the representatives of the Kal on Earth... No mortal has ever met the Kal or Dral, they are too big, it would likely drive you mad, so the Kal made the Cybelen, Munuko, Gemari and Rani, so they could better interact... Do you follow?
  • "I believe I understand Kess-Ka, but how are the Kal-Cybelen, the Munuko, and the Gemari different?

    Kess-Ka: The Kal-Cybelen are the largest of the others. They also tend to be stationary and long lived. Dama-Ka of the Mountain of Power is the heart of the mountain... She is the force that helped forge Dorthak, the dagger that destroyed Skullcrusher... The Kal- Cybelen are sometimess called 'Handmaidens' of the Kal en Dral... They usually perform a function or task...
  • They would seem to have different roles by their titles. The Rani serve as translators and messengers, bringing the words of the Kal-en-Dral to us - is this correct?

    Kess-Ka: Yes and no... The Rani are not as good at serving as the Kal-Cybelen and the others... We are sometimesss too small... and too temporary... The Toh-Rani are often messengers and translators, but the other Rani are not often suited to those tasks... The Rani are often too distracted, we are all more or less the 'eyes' and 'ears' of the Kal - They interact through us sometimes, but for important things they rely on the bigger ones..
  • What is the purpose of the other representatives - what are they on Earth to do?

    Kess-Ka: As I mentioned, the Cybelen are usually stationary, performing a single task or doing something...
    The Munuko are similar in power and longevity to the Cybelen, but are nomadic, they do not have a 'home'...
    The Gemari are teachers... It has been a long time since a gemari has been with you... the Kal are not well known... So teachers are not in high demand...

    Guild Kal en Dral

    In April of 1993, Guild Kal en Dral was founded by Guildmistresss Tetch Wildsong. It has been primarily a healer's guild, as Tetch has always been inclined to follow Ko. The Guild has always been small, having from 1 to 5 members at any given time. As the tides and shape of magic has come and go, the Guild's face has changed, and as apprentices become more and more independent have wandered the Land, some continuing in the teachings of the Kal, some not.

    Tetch Wildsong was Guildmistress from 4/93 to 6/94, when she was killed in a strike against the Vampiric God Thanatos. Willow Brightsong became guildmistress at that time, until Tetch's return to sentience about a month later.

    When Wildsong died (9/20/97), the guild fell to Tetch Twiceborne, and has stayed there since.

    Roster of members (Past and Present):
    Tetch Wildsong : Dead
    Willow Brightsong: Moved, still has Guild Standing
    Tetch Twiceborne : Active
    Fynne Gilee Kiden : Left
    Randall the Light : Left
    Taen : Missing, but still has Guild Standing
    Storm : Missing, but still has Guild Standing
    Tara Silver : Active
    Miada Thistlethorne : Active, sort of...

    The Northern Wilds

    The Northern Wilds are protected almost directly by the Kal en Dral, through their demi-mortal Guardian.

    Guardians Past and Present:

    The current Guardian of the Northern Wilds is Stormborne.

    Guardians - from Past to Present are as follows:
    GreenDaughter - the first Guardian lived to be over 2000 years old.
    WilderKin (Still Living, the Eerie)
    (MoonSinger - Killed by Sir Peregrin, she was the only failed Guardian)
    WildSong (Dead)
    ShadowRider (Still Living, Cawdyll)
    StormBringer (Dead)
    StormBorne (Current Guardian)

    Tetch (Te-Che) Twiceborne was never a Guardian of the Northern Wildes, though she has the form and memories of the Wildsong.

    The Northern Wildes are a place of sanctuary to the rare and magical breeds of the Realms, not all of them 'good', but all are 'natural', and are subject to the predation of man and other sentient races. Do not go hunting in the Wildes and expect no consequences for your actions - if the residents of the Wildes don't get you, the Guardian will...

    If you must travel through the Wildes always stay to the paths, and do not cut wood, make fires or attack the desidens you find there. Orcs, Goblins and other such races are not indigenous to the Wildes, and may be attacked or defended against.. but don't leave the path to do so.

    Some notable Residents of the Wildes:

    Jaymir and Ebony: Two Black Unicorns, one male and one female, grace the Wildes. In GreenDaughter's time, there was a sizable herd of Unicorns, but predators and time have taken their toll.. Both are noted for their healing abilities.

    The Savage Beast: It used to be that only one Savage Beast graced the Wildes... currently, there are 7. One kit, Melody, has been taken from the Wildes under mysterious circumstances. Return of the kit would be greatly appreciated.

    Ebon and Dormoth: Two Dragons. Ebon is currently awake. Dormoth has been dormant for some time, but should be awakening in the next couple of years. Ebon's name is actually Shreeznamal (or something similar) but most humans can't pronounce it, and stick to Ebon.

    Dryads, Nyads, and other nature fey inhabit the Wildes.

    Treelix: Treelix are a race of flying cat-like beings. They are smart, fast, and have an ability that makes them hard to see when they wish it.

    Basilisk: One of the more Dangerous residents, Basilisk should be avoided at all costs...

    Ki-Rin: One of the most recent additions to the Wildes are the colorful unicorn-like creatures called Ki-Rin. They are not very friendly being rather territorial.

    The Order of KathRani
    (The Knights of the KalenDral)

    Recently, a band of Munuko to the Kal have decided to take a group of sentients as their 'champions' in the world. These 'honorary children', gathered heroes from the realms, are currently undergoing a series of trials to prove their worth.

    I have not yet been told the tenants of the order, but I do know the people currently being tested:
    Peregrin - Kathrani-ka
    Zeek - Kathrani-ko
    Lars - Kathrani-ma
    Simoon - Kathrani-to
    Lucas - Kathrani-ka
    Noserat - Kathrani-to
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