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Which Point Are You?

(The handwriting is childlike and a little shakey. It is probably familiar as it looks like some of the recent postings to the IC List.)

There are 4, 8 and 16 points. Each point is an element, or a state, or an aspect.

The Four are Water, Air, Fire and Earth.
The Eight are those Four, and their 'children' - Water/Air, Air/Fire, Fire/Earth and Earth/Water.
The Sixteen are the Aspects going clockwise or counterclockwise - the Path of Community or the Path of Cleansing.

The Water is the Protector, The Crone and Guide. Water's code is to Protect those that the Kal kre Bain would prey on, and to Guide those that would aid to help Protect.

The Water/Air or Cloud and Mist is The Shaman and Sage, Magic and Dream. Their code is to keep the rightous upon the proper Path. But mostly, they make people learn and stick to promises.

The Air is the Hunter, the Seeker of knowledge and Truths. Air's code is to Share knowledge with those that share goals.

The Air/Fire or Light and Smoke is the Crusader and Seeker, Reason and Enlightenment. Their code is to train those who would take the fight to the enemy. They tend to be inspirational leaders, or people that prod people to action.

The Fire is the Warrior and General, Destruction, Passion, and Purification. Fire's code is to purge the Natural World of the Kal kre Bain whenever possible, and to enlighten and fuel others to follow that way. Fire is generally very direct. There is generally very little subtlety to Fire.

The Fire/Earth or Stone, Lava and Magma is the Guardian and Berserker, Resolve. Their code is to sustain strength in the darkest hours before victory or defeat. They can be stubborn, but also steadfast.

The Earth is the Father, the Mother, Growth and Healing. Earth's code is Nurture the natural world whenever possible. They tend to be healers, farmers, care-givers.

The Earth/Water or Clay and Mud is the Craftsman and Midwife, Flesh and Creation. Their code is to serve the community with action, ensuring it's survival, no matter the cost to itself. They sometimes tend to Martyr themselves, but they are also very creative, and try and use that energy to find better ways of doing things.

Hope that helps.
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