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Journey to the Mountain

Author: Amergin Valarion
Date: 10/29/1010
It has been requested that I give a report of how the quest to find the Munuko went.

If there is an error in here please inform me as I will submit this to the Library of Ivory soon.


We stayed in Chimeron after the Black and White for a night's rest. I slept uneasy that night considering my dreams had been less pleasant of late.
Heather's cries in her sleep were a bit discomforting after all. I opted for a short amount of sleep.

In the morning I gathered up some of the adventurer's who had stayed and had heard my call.
I was pleasantly surprised by the sheer number of people with no prior knowledge wanting to learn more and to right a wrong. I wish I had time to learn all the name present.

We spent a little under an hour preparing everyone with the knowledge that we possessed of the Kal en Dral , the Circles, and the meanings attached.
Gryffin and I prepared a Circle of Eight with aid from others to help propel us all into the Spirit World where the Mountain resided. It's name I now know but I will keep it to spoken only.

Upon arriving in that place we explored outward and found an open clearing where stood life like representations of compatriots in Arms. We saw Timmons representing the Maverick Munuko, Callin representing the Giri Mirilin, a nameless man for a nameless Circle, and a man in a saffron robe similar to a monk representing the Shokensai.

This being said not all were simply present in the field.

Maverick was talkative but vague. The Mountain forbade them from aiding us but they tried to lend what aid they could.

Giri Mirilin put us through many war like challenges in an effort to see our worth at strength of arms. Some were small squad combat, some were feats of archery competition which Malaki and I competed in. As a side note he really is a good archer.

Shokensai was stuck in a magical maze that rendered all that went within blind. Inside were two items that were a scroll and a shield. At first glance I thought the shield was Joshua's shield but my eyes were incorrect as the magics had it take form of something that was familiar to me.

The Not Named Circle could only speak to us in riddles and when we answered them all he could say them in any order he chose. This was important because the answers told us of the components we needed for a Cleansing Ritual.

There was a fifth entity which seemed to be in opposite to the Mountain but she would not speak her name otherwise he would know of her presence. Her identity I still do not know and I am wary.

When we entered the spirit world we noticed we all had a glow about us. There were very distinct color patterns matched in our aura that seemed to change and add whenever we completed a trial. They seemed to coincide with appropriate colors for the Circles of Eight. I know for a fact I was primarily blue to all who saw me with smatterings of others.

We found many objects strewn about representing the answers to the riddles. I do not have a copy of them but someone might.

While searching a patch of Taint was discovered. Yes Taint.

We gathered all the components for the Cleansing ritual and entered some sort of spiritual combat. I'm not sure I can explain it in great detail but I can simply say this: Maintain the balance, for every point of your spirit spent to aid in combat, the corruption will gain a counter balance. If Ma chooses to have an extreme amount of armor this would leave me to believe the weaponry of the taint, the Ka Aspect would increase and become more potent.

We succeeded in this cleansing and the Mountain took note of our actions. I still believe it is less then pleased however I can only hope my dreams speak true and that the Munuko are free.

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