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Guruthos, Scribe and Herald

Guruthos D˙ath, Satulwe'kolindo tel'Nosse en'Runya was originally connected to the House of Dark, then to Fire as the fey'rii came forth into the Realms. He was a portly man, tall, balding blond hair with some facial hair. A jovial yet sarcastic man, Guruthos would go between glasses and no glasses, and found the fighter world very taxing, hence our magics he thoroughly trained himself in as soon as he got the chance. Although 234 years of age ('young'), he was more of a 'father figure' than some he surrounded himself with, and a noble to boot. He was the Herald for the House of Flame to the Realms in general, and was the most public speaker about the negativity of the curse, the poor choices he felt the House of Flame was making, and seeking help if not redemption. It never came in the end, and as soon as Emrys and the group was challenged the night on Illinarian soil, he declared himself to no longer be walking that path, and headed out alone into the west. It was thought that he was one of the rare members, that is not 'Tainted'. There was also the case of mistaken identity when a similar man began questing with Darkspire, but in the end there is no trace as to where Guruthos could have gone.
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