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Seeri Lhach

I actually used to have a list of Khae Ossrim people on hand when I was in Chimeron for a time. I don't remember the reasoning for it... perhaps something to do with Gryf? At any rate, might as well have it here instead of cluttering up my desk.

Ar-Runya Tel 'Khae Ossrim Seeri Lache, Seeri Lache for short. He was a two-path Healer but looks out of place with the rest of the group. His history is thus:

"Me and my mother, Ramba en' Runya escaped together. She has raised me since my father died after the Great War. My sister was unable to come with us..."
He made a face and seemed to be troubled. "I am the next heir to the House of Flame after my cousin, Emrys. I am one of the youngest nobles on this
expedition force in this world."
Later I commented on his odd back-scratching up against a tree. He said, "I have angel wings because I share an angel's soul in my body. Due to the fact that the angel is in my body, my healing powers stem from him." When I arched an eyebrow, he claimed he was not a bad kid. "I am a nice, free-spirited youth who doesn't exactly understand much of your world, but I try to do the right thing!" and gave me a smile.

I made a quiet note of it and went after the others for their tales. Although, I do find it strange... how does one get an angel's soul locked into their body? Demons or even devils seem very fond of possessing mortals in the Realms. My thought process is that perhaps, where angels and demons come from, they cannot actually do all that their wishes would want. There might be certain taboos or banes, that only a human can work out for them. If you're possessing one, sure makes it easy to do the work needed, doesn't it. Maybe Seeri Lache has the answer. Maybe not, as the majority of the Khae Ossrim seems to have been destroyed.

Here is more found on Seeri, written by two hands, it would seem. See, everyone should check out their local ruins for knowledge, if nothing else. - Sir Iawen Penn

Full Name: Seeri Lhach, Heru tel'Khae Ossrim/Orphen
House: Fire
Age: 186
Status: Noble
Occupation: Healer/Angel
Father: Su'bestaen
Mother: Ramba en'Runya
Siblings: Aikanarwen


Seeri: I am but a young lad compared to my family, but I have done much that is unprecedented; but that is for a later discussion. In any rate, I am Seeri Lhach, and it is a pleasure to meet you. I am the son of Ramba, and I love her oh so very much. Some have called me a "mama's boy," so say the folks I have met growing up in this land. My family originally came from a land called Khae Ossrim. I've been told that it was a great place to live, but then HE came along and destroyed it. HE made us run from it and hide in this world. However, that was all before me, so I don't personally feel the same hatred for our situation that my family does -- I was born and raised here. I love my mum and have a lot of fun. Once, when I was out in the woods, I found a bright person -- light wise -- being attacked; so I went to help him. Turned out to be an Angel and he needed to put his soul in me to keep him going. I accepted, of course, since I like helping people. He and I have been together since. The Family weren't so keen on having the Angel in me, so they did tests to see his loyalty and he was pure! It wasn't long after that I started fighting with my Family and that the noble ways that I should be learning about (oh yeah, forgot to tell you... I'm nobility, apparently) were boring and useless. I went off on my own (with Orphen) and traveled for a while. I met up first with this weird guy, who seemed to act more like a wolf then anything. He taught me to track and hunt and many other survival tactics. After my enjoyable time with him, I ran into lots of trouble; and that seems to have hardened me. Then I ran into some of the Cuar's Comandos and fought along side them, going into many a battle. I followed them back to my family as a much rougher and cruder person -- except that I still help people by Orphen being in me. He and I actually have melded into one soul. We talk the same, think almost the same, my looks are becoming more like his. I have wings. We are different, but we are one.

Orphen: Hellow Fellow traveler. I am Orphen, Guardian of Light and Healer to All. I am a Angel of good and purity. I use Angelic and Holy spells to bring life back from death, heal those in need, and cleanse that which needs cleansing. I am very active in my attempts of healing the world of its physical, emotional, socioeconomical, political, and otherwise cultural wounds. But that is not what I used to be. I am originally a Watcher. Watchers are old, they have been there since before the beginning. Watchers only look at events to keep an eye on them, never actually participating. Whenever something that had the potential to cause the destruction of the universe occurred, they just sat by and did nothing. One such event just like that did happen in this realm, and I decided to cast down my old ways so to lend aid. I was forsaken by my brethren. I was alone. I flowed along with time to help those I felt needed help; to try to shape the world so that it would move into the path of light. Only did I do this subtly, though, so not to change the flow too drastically. Unfortunately, I got injured in a fight and was mortally wounded. Luckly a young lad, Seeri came and saved me by allowing my spirit to reside in his body. To live comfortably -- and, well, physically -- I changed him; molding him so that he could handle the immense power of my soul. He began to develop the ability to cast spells, and heal people of their ailments. He physically began to resemble me; even my wings became a part of his person. In a rate that is any, his family was not to keen on me being in his body, they performed tests and trials to make sure I was worthy of his body. They even poisioned me with truth poision to make sure I was talking true (which was foolish because I always talk true). Seeri and I fought together much, and even went under some 'training' to help harden him, but all the while I was teaching him many things. We are now together still, helping you and the realms with our powers. He and I actually have melded into one soul. We talk the same, think almost the same, my looks are becoming more like his. I have wings. We are different, but we are one.
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