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Laika en'Naur

Laika's longer name is Laika en'Naur, Carnhyarya tel’Atar. At the time devoted to the House of Fire, he too was considered young at 198 (for those taking notes at home, that's older than most of our elven adventurer brethren. And Faelinn.). He was a citizen as well, and a better Diplomat than Late Reena when it came to soothing words... but just barely. Laika is the only member from the Khae Ossrim that submitted to the Realms, and did not run away when faced with Kaipheron's curse (and certain death from all sides). Instead, he became a worshiper of Aurora and forsook the House he was a part of. Good thing, too, as no other Khae Ossrim has been seen recently. Coincidence?

Laika has short, dark hair, blue-gray eyes, and alternates between being clean-shaven or having a goatee of sorts. He is a Channeler for his occupation of adventurer, and crossed into the path of Seer as well. His magical (and sometimes epic) blunders and successes caught the eye of the Magi of the Realms, and in May of 1007 Laika was apprenticed to Bright Oakfellow (my uncle). Being a Channeler also had a great benefit; he pleaded his case to Aurora, who burned the 'curse' right out of Laika's soul and thus he has no ties to Kaipheron, the dark lord from the Khae Ossrim lands (now destroyed on the Realms map).

Laika is the grandson of Late Reena, and the son of Alu en'Naur. She had married Kaane Runya'roma(both now deceased). As for personality... everyone differs on the boy. You'll have to meet him yourself to draw your own conclusions. Look for him in Pax Tharkus (where Chimeron tends to keep him in protective custody) or in the City of Ivory, learning more about Aurora from Faelinn. - Sir Iawen Penn
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