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Cuar en'Kamen

Full Name: Cuar en'Kemen, Osta tel'Lasse, Celeb Ethir tel'Nosse en'Laurelin
House: Earth
Status: Missing in Action
Occupation: Shaalth

Cuar en'Kemen, Osta tel'Lasse, Celeb Ethir tel'Nosse en'Laurelin was a shaman in nature, his shortened name literally meaning "Earth's Archer." He grew up in the world of the Khae Ossrim as a middling member of the House of Earth, and was trained as both a scout and soldier from a young age. During the Great War(as their people have come to call it when describing it to us), Cuar ended up marrying the daughter of Late'Reena(Grandfather Late), and sired four children -- two of which died. Towards the end of the Great War, Cuar spent much of his time with the House of Fire after the loss of his immediate family. Cuar was a fully trained
Defender of the Leaf(some sort of ranger-type group), and followed it near religiously. He was also awarded the honor of 'Silver Scout' by the leading family of the
House of Earth after the great relocation for his services and deeds during the war -- a great honor for any person, especially those who aren't of the noble class(among their people). Cuar hoped someday to escape the curse of which his people were under, and be at the forefront of the Khae Ossrim in a new era of prosperity, but alas it did not come to be. He was one of the few who knew about the curse in its entirety besides Emrys, and yet chose to keep it secret. When given an ultimatum by Slaader, priest of Justari and Aven Dar, then lord of Mythguard after a particularly hard battle on Illinarian soil to either walk away from the 'curse' cold turkey or submit to Justari for justice, however, Cuar abandoned the House of Fire to its own devises and headed west. No one has seen this shaman since.

And I have no idea what a Shaalth is.- Sir Iawen Penn
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