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Grandfather Late

The crotchety old man in their group was affectionately called Grandfather by his people here in the Realms. His 'full name' was Lostewinde, Ooma tel'Atar tel'No Late Reena. Most wenches would jokingly confuse his name with a drink order, which seemed to irritate the old man even further. He had a fondness for pipes and good drink, and liked ogling the ladies openly. However, his constant one-liners and the curse of a foot-in-mouth disease usually saw Grandfather involved in more than one international incident within the Realms.

His look was that of a greasy old man in his mid-sixties(although really 2013 years of age), with a large scar that resembled claw marks across the entirety of his face (top to bottom). His gray hair is tinged with silver, as is his beard. Late's brown eyes tended to have a dull sheen as well; one could not tell if it held wisdom behind it or buffoonery. It was told that he fought in the Great War, which is thought to mean against Kaipheron. Because of his age, however, he had to ceast and desist with armor and longer blades, and learn magics. The scar was earned back when Late was a fighter and defended his House.

In Khae Ossrim, Late was Captain of the Guard for the House of Flame. He had a wife named Misha Cormtiri, who died in the great war (but not before gaining three daughters and two sons). The sons died in the Great War. One daughter married into the House of Earth (to Cuar en'Kemen), and another gave birth to Laika named Alu en'Naur. She had married Kaane Runya'roma, the then current Father of the House of Flame. They both perished, and Late had to raise Laika. As his age caught up with him, he traded his shield and sword for magical arts.

In the Realms, Grandfather Late was a Channeler and a councilor, and Speaker for the House to the Realms when Emrys was not available (hence the country getting into trouble repeatedly). At first people thought Grandfather Late just called on his gods, until it was revealed that these people (at the time) called on the very thing that took out their lands in the first place. Shortly after that very public founding, Grandfather seemed to gather up what he could and hid himself somewhere in the Realms. It is unknown if he still lives or not. - Sir Iawen Penn
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