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Aikanaro & Little Known Others

Little is known about Aikanaro Ndengin en'Runya heru tel' Khae Ossrim, other than when Chimeron asked the House of Flame to go into protective custody (as per Janus and Bright's words), he disappeared with the general bulk of the house. It is rumored he has since retired from the spotlight of an adventuring life. He too, was a Shaalth, and was 1826 years old.

Ennorath was a male within the House of Earth(it was thought). He had medium-length dirty blond hair and a goatee, but otherwise unremarkable. Age was incredible: 1372.

Irmor N'uma Alma was a dark-skinned youth, and the royal body guard for the House of Fire's 'Father' of the Khae Ossrim. His older brother was called Ai'loki, who had trained him to be a Healer as well as a good rogue(one-path). His status was Citizen, and he clocked in at around 201 years of age.

Sila Corm is a rather unknown person, other than people recalling Sila to be a rogue of sorts (or as we like to note, one paths). At the time of this writing, I couldn't find any House attachments to Sila, but to Khae Ossrim in general.

Lumna Elee, N'aladae en'Eledhwen. Lumna Elee was the last in the long line of N'Aladae en'Eledhwen (Harbingers of Light) for the House of Light of the Khae Ossrim. That might explain why they had no 'Father' of Light.

Here are some more additions I've discovered:
Full Name: Aikanarwen (a tan-skinned beautiful female)
House: Fire
Age: 420
Status: Noble
Occupation: Apprentice
Father: Su'bestaen
Mother: Ramba en'Runya
Siblings: Seeri Lache

Full Name: Morion Oncioa (a pasty older gentleman with a hammer)
House: Water
Age: 1724
Status: Citizen
Occupation: Agent for the BPC (no idea what this means)

The longest-named male in this group was Karythar tel'Lomelindel, Estanesse Utinu en'Megilindir, Shaalth tel'Nosse en'Mori tel'Khae Ossrim. Really.

Maybe someone will locate these people or their remains one day, so Chimeron can take them into protective custody. - Sir Iawen Penn
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