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Mother Runya

Arwin tel'Khae Ossrim Ramba en' Runya, Runya for short. She was a widow and a mother of three(and freaking old: 1322). She was a noble, her mother (Alu en' Naur) and father (Kaane Runya'roma) were the head nobles of the House of Flame in the Khae Ossrim. Her brother was Laika en'Naur. One daughter remained home, while her son Seeri Lache & daughter Aikanarwen fled into the Realms with her. Her nephew, Emrys, headed the House of Flame in the Realms.

Runya was a singer and a very good healer, but her sight was greatly hampered when she traveled into the Realms, granting her a bad depth perception. She took it in stride, however, and enjoyed wielding just a buckler (and some times a dagger) to bash her enemies with.

...I actually miss Runya. Her voice was very pretty. The last time I ever saw her, she was having a vehement disagreement with Grandfather Late. She was never seen again but it's just as well, for shortly after her disappearance the whole 'curse' and tie to Kaipheron thing blew up. - Sir Iawen Penn
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