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Chimeron/Khae Ossrim Alliance

The Parties to this Treaty affirm their faith in the purposes and principles of Sovereignty and Unity. They are therefore determined to safeguard the freedom, common heritage, and civilization of their peoples; founded on the principles of honor, justice, and the rule of law. They seek to promote stability and well-being in The Realms; and thus they are resolved to unite their efforts for collective defense and for the preservation of peace and security.

They therefore agree to this, The Chimeron/Khae Ossrim Alliance:

Article 1. The High Contracting Parties mutually promise peace and friendship, and will enter into no alliance or engagement directed against either Party. The Parties will contribute toward the further development of peaceful and friendly international relations by strengthening their free institutions; by bringing about a better understanding of the principles upon which these institutions are founded; and by promoting conditions of stability and well-being. They will seek to eliminate conflict in their international economic policies and will encourage economic collaboration between each other.

Article 2. They engage henceforward, in all cases of common participation in a war, to conclude neither armistice, nor peace, nor treaty, except by common agreement amongst themselves.

Article 3. The contracting Parties declare, that, being resolved to fulfill each on its own Part the clauses and conditions of the present Treaty of alliance, according to its own power and circumstances, there shall be no after claim of compensation on one side or the other, whatever may be the event of the War.

Article 4. In order more effectively to achieve the objectives of this Treaty, the Parties, separately and jointly, by means of continuous and effective self-help and mutual aid, will maintain and develop their individual and collective capacity to resist armed attack.

Article 5. The Parties will consult together whenever, in the opinion of any of them, the territorial integrity, political independence or security of any of the Parties is threatened.

Article 6. If the peace of any of the High Contracting Parties should chance to be threatened under the circumstances foreseen by the preceding Articles, the High Contracting Parties shall take counsel together in ample time as to the military measures to be taken with a view to eventual cooperation.

Article 7. The essential and direct End of the present defensive alliance is to maintain effectually the liberty, Sovereignty, and independence absolute and unlimited of the said Parties; as well as Matters of Government and commerce.

The following signatories agree that, by accepting this Treaty, they shall be bound by all the Articles therein; and that their respective nations shall do their utmost to support and uphold said Articles and the principles that they are founded upon.
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