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Khae Ossrim

Author: Late Reena
Date: 1007
Since a time beyond the memories of our eldest's, we lived in the plane of the Khae Ossrim, one from which we could determine neither entrance nor exit. We lived contented, in a magic rich society, with lives that knew little in the way of strife and lasted until we desired to end them.

That all changed 1,338 years ago when a portal opened in one of our sacred places, a tear in our world leading to some place beyond. And through that portal there poured the legions of Fey'rii with their mighty daemon commanders, wreaking havoc upon our once quiet, peaceful world, slaying us by the thousands, then millions, then billions.

Of our people, only one out of every nine and a half million or so survived that thousand year conflict. We knew not war, nor the making of weapons, so many of us died ere we could fight back. Even then, weapons which would kill us, would not harm them. Eventually, we forged weapons that would cut through their scales, powers that would hold them back, but we were not enough. Our numbers were too few, even the mightiest among us could do little in the face of such unbridled hate, such unmatched might, such immense numbers.

Eventually, we forged a plan, and the army of the House of Earth engaged the main army of the Fey'rii in the field, drawing them out away from their portal of entry, at least for the most part. Every man and woman who did that did it knowing full well that they were being left behind, because as they pulled the uncountable army of dread from the gateway, twenty-four thousand of us fled through it from behind.

They noticed, eventually, but a combined army of Fire and Air Guards, Orders, and Knights and supported by the elite Silver Scouts of Earth as well as the devastating magics of Chaos saw us through the portal, and destroyed it after us.

That was 338 years ago.

We have since moved about a bit in this land, finally settling to the north of the Iron Kingdom and the west of the Western Borderlands, in lands granted to us by the last remaining member of a dwarven clan that dwelt therein. Three years past first contact was made between our people and the Realms at large by the now Father of the House of Flame. Since then, we have had a few other people chose to join him in learned the ways of the world at large, even supporting them in a few of their own wars.

However, not all is sunshine and pie: 9 moons past, fey'rii were spotted in this world. They were incredibly weak, for some reason, being drained of powers, but the fact that they are here means that they know where we are. There have been other sightings since, and even direct conflict with fey'rii just as powerful as from the war. So they know we are here, and they are coming.

It is in the time of friendship and conflict we have decided to open a port city to the Realms at large, no longer hiding our existence and home, but welcoming people as comrades and allies.
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