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Broter Thunderhelm

Broter Thunderhelm's biography was found among the ruined site. Perhaps more can be added or dug up. - Sir Iawen Penn

Full Name: Broter Thunderhelm
House: Not Applicable
Age: 397
Status: Sworn Fealty
Occupation: Merchant/Blacksmith


I have been alive for over 397 years. I have seen the fall of my clan, the killing of my enemies, and the finding of new friends. I have never been much on words, but will try and make this quick and thorough.

For the first 40 years of my life, things went fine. I was trained as a blacksmith and a religious scholar. But after that things changed. The damned drow attacked. The simply overwhelmed us. Their soldiers fell before the might of the Thunderhelms, but there were just too many. We killed 7 or 8 to 1, but they just keep coming, they never stopped. Soon we all fell and I was stabbed through the chest, left for dead.

Days later I woke, thanks to the divine grace of Moradin. I quickly began to bury my comrades, destroy the bodies of my enemies, and clean the Halls of Kundarak. For twenty years I was alone. Those dark years will not be discussed, but then Moradin smiled on me again.

One evening, looking down the mountain, into the valleys below, I saw so many campfires I thought it was hordes of goblins. I went to investigate and soon discovered that it was a nation of vagabonds running away from an unknown enemy. I made first contact with Late Reena, the current councilor of the House of Flame. After a short period of negotiation I lead the Khae Ossrim to the halls of my fathers. Here they set up their new territory. For 338 years I have watched the Khae Ossrim grow and flourish and realize that they are the truest friends I have ever had.
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