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Liana, the Other Healer

Liana Lae'lae'an, Fallanar tel'Feanor. She was within the House of Fire (Flame, Fire, they did like to interchange it so). She had very long black, straight hair and was an ample tan-skinned female. Her eyes always seemed on the verge of tears, although of sadness or laughter I'll never know. Always nervous about casting spells, Liana seemed more at home in taverns than on an adventuring quest. She, too, was considered 'young' by her group at 218 years of age, and was not much more than a citizen in their eyes. When she could overcome her nerves, however, Liana was a magnificent healer.

Her short and stout stature belied an incredible strength, however. I can recall after one night's revelry that she lifted me, chair and all, straight into the air. Liana thought I was one of her house mates and was 'sitting on her things'. A nimble slide down and a quick apology later, she ended up singing along with a crowd of Chimeronian bards in the corner. Something about a bar and a wench. After that date, Liana took time out to give me spine-cracking hugs whenever she saw me, and to show off her newest 'pretty thing' that she had acquired (be a purse, a skirt, a shirt, and so forth).

Liana disappeared after the fey'rii were spotted in the Realms. It is unknown why, and a bloody shame, too. We need the enemy to start taking males, not females. We have plenty of males.

Of course, that is my opinion. - Sir Iawen Penn
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