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Ai'Loki, Oracle Extrodinaire

Ai'Loki Naur was a part of the House of Flame. His age before disappearing was 202. He was considered a citizen. Occupation: Shaalth/Oracle (there's that Shaalth again. Maybe it means guard or soldier in general.)

Found Biography:

Ai値oki Naur was born a warrior. Right from his earliest years until he reached the age of majority, he was trained and hardened as a fighter. His family has historically protected the royalty of the House of Flame, and Ai値oki took on the honor of guarding the Father at the age of 201. He took on the role so early because his father, the previous bodyguard, died in the line of duty while fighting Drow.

While Ai値oki enjoys fighting very much, he痴 always enjoyed spiritual pursuits. Like his mother before him who perished shortly after the birth of his brother Irmor, he felt called to the path of an Oracle, one of the spiritual leaders of the Khae Ossrim. Unfortunately, his duty to the Father had prevented him from taking up this calling. Once his younger brother had reached the age of majority, however, Ai値oki was relieved of his duties as Irmor took on the role of royal bodyguard. Ai値oki returned to his people, taking a short break from adventuring for a few months as he began studying how to Channel the Elements and Essences. His training complete, he returned to his friends and family who were adventuring in the Realms. Imbued with the power of Fire, he now serves as a spiritual guide and eager combatant, ready to defend his friends and family whenever necessary.
Or he did serve, anyway. No one has seen him for quite some time. Pity, too. He was also an amazing singer. - Sir Iawen Penn
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