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The Leader, Emrys

Morion Feanor Emrys, Heru tel'Khae Ossrim, Atar tel'Nosse en'Runya, Shilyo tel'Kyermarauko, Mellon telíAngador was the full name. Quite a mouthful, and a pain in the ass on my inkwell. At any rate, this was the looked-to leader of the House of Fire(called a 'Father'), and of those who called themselves Khae Ossrim on this side of the Realms plane.

Emrys looked as 'human' as anyone else does in the Realms, even though he bore strange markings upon his body(also, he was two-hundred and twenty-one years of age). He hailed from the lands of the 'Khae Ossrim', and yet he would describe his people as 'Khae Ossrim' as well to us here in the Realms, which leads me to believe it is a place, a plane, and a people. With Faerie being interchangeable in its wording (the Fae, the lands of Fae, the plane of Fae), this is not too far a stretch to theorize. He and his followers then lived just past the Western Borderlands(you can see where on the current Realms map; it's blacked out by destruction and a part is even marked by Taint. Sad, really.). He was the ruler of one of their eight houses, this one being the House of Fire.

Emrys had discovered that certain of their people where marked by their dark god Kaipheron, and were being 'linked' to him. This was demonstrated by the markings on their bodies, and those marked were given the name "Tainted". The Tainted had a specific purpose for Kaipheron: they served as the channel through which he could draw souls. Seeing no alternative, the Khae Ossrim sent these Tainted to do his bidding, but as they refused to do this to their own people the Tainted departed to the five corners of their plane to do this in an effort to afflict as little people as possible. There were a few reasons for this, it was thought:
  • to satisfy the dark lord's demands without harming their own people(too much),
  • to encourage the possibility of perhaps drawing the god to "greener pastures"(in this case, it was accidentally the Realms),
  • to possibly find a realm to which they could move to escape the influence of Kaipheron completely.

    Burdened by the death of his father, the responsibilities of Atar Tel'Nosse en'Runya, and the devastation caused to his people, Emrys never gave up on seeking peaceful re-location for his people. Emrys, however, also needed to find lands that were not hugely populated in case the curse came with them (and thus the Tainted would have to start preying on weaker beings), and so began research on lands and planes connected to the Realms. His research book (if one can find it) sought and had some knowledge of the lands of New Montagnion, New Illnar, and certain lands to the west of the Western Borderlands. Emrys also worked on information about the Fae, about demons of Realms, about fey'rii(a group that came from their homeplane that worked for Kaipheron), and portal magic. It was thought that there *was* information Emrys gleaned that might have helped his people escape their curse, but with the fey'rii sighted in the Realms Emrys and his kin geared up for war, gathering silver weapons and preparing for the fight with their old foes. Few actually held any hope of surviving at the time...

    Soon after a rather large confrontation that involved all sorts of demons/demonic work and fey'rii bullying, the Khae Ossrim and Chimeron entered into an alliance. The Barony of Banecroft, it was said by Lady Adara, was excited about this alliance for it was the chance (in their eyes) to prove that Emrys and the rest of his group could do good works and things, that they could break the curse and become good heroes for the Realms. In the end, though, the Baron Diamond was unable to sway them from their course, and even Slaader and Aven Dar could not completely put the fear of other gods into them. It was only when their allies, the Kingdom of Chimeron (according to Uncle Bright and Janus) told Khae Ossrim that they were taking them into protective custody that in the span of one gathering, they were gone. Split apart from each other, and heading in all directions. Emrys was thought to have joined Fairhaven under another guise, but it was a case of mistaken identity. - Sir Iawen Penn
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