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Letter 06/05/1005 from Slaader

People of the Realms,

Let it be known that on the evening of Saturday 04 June, the Harvest Moon rebels from the land of Illinar attempted an invasion of Folkestone via a portal they had opened along the coast Line. We easily pushed back these unenchanted invaders, and destroyed several of the regeneration portals used by their more elite soldiers.

Gabriel and his men were pushed back through the portal. The Harvest Moon have been a thorn in the side of many a nation. They are a plague which acts without sense of justice, honor, or duty. They willingly ally themselves with the forces of hell and have caused untold suffering to thousands of innocents. To end their threat once and for all, I called on the gathered heroes to help me push into Illinar in an attempt to capture and kill General Gabriel.

Once inside the lands of Illinar it became readily apparent that we had simply been baited into a trap. The full force of The Harvest Moon and the witches of the Dark Hand were brough down upon us. The fight was hard, but we continued to push them back. I was captured and of course tortured by the witches, but all of you who followed me there pushed on. It was my faith in Justari and all of you which kept me from loosing hope during that time.

Creathorne, Chimeron, Tuath Fasach, Folkestone, Grimloch, Elemire, Fairhaven, Vinehaven, The Blue Falcons, Banecroft, The Borderlands, The Twighlight Isle, Mythguard, the Northern Alliance. Without you (and I'm sure some I've forgotten) we could not have accomplished all that we did.
You all sacraficed so much. You all offered your services and abilities freely. You all listened to your commaders who acted brilliantly. I am personally humbled by how often I was asked for advice or strategic commands.

I know many of you out there feel that we lost that night, but know that we were victorious!

Sources indicate that we were able to kill upwards of 500 of Gabriel's soldiers. We captured Fort Raul his closet outpost to the realms and the closest to the capital of Illinar, giving us a steady and secure supply line into Illinar Proper. We sent several of the Dark Hand's demon pets back to the hells of the Tempest. We were able to eliminate Captain Cooper, Gabriel's new right hand man.

General Gabriel, Medic Ril, Darak Tur, and the rest of the Dark Hand managed to escape. Though they are impressive leaders in their own right they were not match for our unified assault!

Let me end by saying this. The Church of Justari thanks you all for helping us bring so many of these villains to justice. Let this be a warning to all those who would seek to do harm to the innocent. Strike out of evil and greed, and we will strike back a hundred fold. You will turn around one day, and you will see us. On that day, you shall repent and we will send you to whatever god you wish.

But you will not escape the judgement of Justari.

Guardian Slaader of Grimloch
High Priest of the Church of Justari
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