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3/27/1007 - IWC

Though it saddens me to write twice in the same day regarding two
separate wars on two entirely different fronts, the excursion forces
from Illinar have encroached upon Paradise and are making forays against
farmsteads. I've been present for

They seek supplies to fuel a greater war onto our Realms. If these
supplies can be captured, we will have the means to put down the powers
within Illinar that seek undue power and perpetuate the civil war that
is going on there, from what I have gathered. There are several things
that slow down their advance. The first of which is this particularly
harsh late winter that we have been experiencing. Gaea be thanked for
unseen wisdom in this and many things.

To date, as far as I can tell, they have been able to hit three farms as
of Cornucopia for supplies. I believe that up to two others have fallen
victim to raids since. This is clearly not as much traction as the army
would have liked. As a result of their poor planning, we're fending off
a large, but under-supplied and quite possibly war-weary army.

We have also routed them several times. The Illinarian force knows that
we have begun to reinforce the position, and I hope that the
discouragement has slowed them down for a few months.

Many of the men who fight, do so under duress. They are conscript
soldiers. Do not let them fool you; some are quite loyal to the causes
they serve under. Temper your compassion with caution. We do not have
the resources to bring to bear to rout or capture that many troops. I
have heard numbers of 20,000 being amassed in New Illinar.

Gabriel has declared himself King. I am new to the details of this
threat, and while I understand that this is particularly bad, I will be
honest in that I do not know its greater implications in the Civil War.

Lady Aberes or Lady Hope, please begin evacuation or relocation of your
people as soon as possible as you see fit. Please let me know what you
decide to do with regards to keeping them safe. I do not wish to see
more innocent casualties as a result of this war.

If there are others who wish to help in defense of Paradise and the
eventual assault on New Darkharbor, please contact me as soon as
possible. I am gathering military intelligence as quickly as I can and
would like to sit people down for a War Council on this at some point in
the near future.

By prayer and steel,
-Squire Cain
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