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Baronial War Machine

To those who live in the Borders of Banecroft, comrades all:

Shortly many of us leave for the front, an attack into Illinar where we will attempt to set things right in their homeland. We will be marching with a Realms united on this difficult task, and together we will have the will to do what must be done. But will alone does not win battles. The novice ponders tactics, the expert strategy - but the veteran thinks of logistics.

It is for this critical need that I turn to you. For it will be from each of you, the farmer, the forester, the fisher, the miller, the craftsperson, smiths and armors which will feed, clothe and equip us with the necessary and innumerable tools of war.

Let every fall of the hammer in the forge be as unto falling on our foes!

The swing of the farmer's scythe is what allows us to swing swords! The wrangling of fishing nets will be the entrapment of those who would do to other peoples what has been done to you! For well remembered among us all of every station is the dark days when Illinar's shadow lay heavy and dark upon our homes. Gear up the Baronial War Machine, and make a real and lasting difference against all that was done against you! Let all work be turned towards the undoing of the evil which certain forces in Illinar seek to do! Our friends and allies have thousands of men already committed to the Paradise front - let us supply them. We need all your efforts, and in return you will know that you will be a critical part of the fight against that which wronged you so.

But let you not be driven by thoughts of revenge, but by a desire to prevent the Harvest Moon Infantry's fell deeds from falling upon other innocents. For while we have been free from them for years, the common people of Illinar still suffer their presence and their vile work of which you have tragically tasted. Let your labors and sacrifices bring to them the same joy you felt when the Harvest Moon were driven from you, as the liberation army reunited us with you.

I have ordered the Baronial economy be put on a war footing, but that will only be effective if each of you put into it with a will. Us at the front, we will only be like the leading edge of the blade: the strength of the sword's blow will come from YOU! Beat back the Harvest Moon with the bonds of liberty! You do not sow, you plant victory gardens!

We'll be depending upon you in the field,

Baron Diamond Banecroft

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