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Campaign to take Illinar

Unto the armies of the Realms,

As the threats that have faced Fae have now concluded with victory, we take a short rest before the beginnings of a new campaign. The threat of Illinarian encroachment under the reigns of the self-proclaimed King Gabriel should now become our Realms-wide focus.

The land of Paradise, a small, strategically weak and largely undefended land bordering New Illinar is the target of an ongoing military invasion to take supplies to fuel the perpetual war machine in the scarred lands of Illinar. Troops numbering 20,000 muster for a strike into our lands under Illinarian general Avery Kurst; another 180,000 lay beyond the portal.

Chimeron has contributed 40,000 troops to form a picket line south of the main city of Paradise to stave off the advance. Eagle's Rook has contributed some veterans, and I will be bringing the few field-trained military units I have available from Ivory.

It is my intention to relieve this threat upon Paradise, bring this war to the gates of New Darkharbor, and liberate the lands of Illinar through the portal there if that is what must be done to bring safety to our Realms and hope to theirs.

This war is unlike others that you may have fought. The prolonged campaign against Zermarx bares a similar feel to the style in which this shall be conducted. Strategy, magical expertise, resource conservation and acquisition, and the overall discipline of an advanced military campaign is necessary to overcome our experienced and intelligent foe.

We are largely outnumbered, but more experienced in our specialties. We are well-supplied and fresh compared to the armies we fight. Our opponent fields loyalists and conscripts, shoulder to shoulder in their ranks. This and the fire and faith that guides us are our strengths.

For every 20 people that enlist ahead of time (OOC: pre-register) into this war planning, it allows us to form a unit under a chosen General, which will provide distinct benefits for planning and organization. These enlistments must happen at or before the Green and Gold this upcoming weekend. I encourage many of you to do so by speaking to a war organizer over the weekend. More details will be available this week.
This should be of special interest to the Baron, who may be able to greatly mobilize his forces in this war.

I have intimate details regarding this war planning, and am handling much of the coordination of troops and units before this war begins. This information is too lengthy for this forum, but is available to any who wish to listen. If you have any questions, please find me or send me a missive. For purposes of convenience after the Fae war, I will be found at Chimeron Castle proper for the upcoming week.

There are many reasons to assist us in this conflict. Whether veteran or green, mage or warrior, we need everyone to step onto this field together, as an army united in purpose, and meet this aggressor with a fury and faith unmatched in Illinar.

Revenge. Safety of country. Liberation. Adventure. Each of these are valid reasons to commit to this fight, but know the enemy you face when you are on this field. The Library at Ivory has some of what we know, with more being added this week:

Sharpen your spears my friends. This is war.

-Squire Cain
High Priest of Aurora
The City of Ivory
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