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Paradise: Thank yous

(librarian's note: These two letters were sent my the rules of Paradise to the Realms at large. Lady Aberes's letter preceeds Lady Hope's.)

Unto the Realms that defended my city and the lands around it -

There is not much I can pen at this point as clean-up has begun, and burial for still many as well.

I deeply apologize for any I may have 'offended' by calling to the Five Ladies for help; trust me I remember who slayed me the first two times, and it was not Illinarians.

To Ivory: Thank you, thank you, for coming to Paradise in its most desperate hour when the leader of the city left for parts unknown, and especially to Faelinn for her words of encouragement. They have pointed me in the right direction.

To Chimeron: Thank you for sending your men, your majesty.

To Eagle's Rook, and the many others that took the field for us on all sides: Thank you. Paradise would have fallen if not for you.

I believe there will be a change in Paradise very soon. I wish I could be on the battlefield with you, exacting revenge for all those of my people have fallen, but all I can send is blessings and prayers, so I do.

May you fight until the last man standing and be successful,
Govenor Aberes of Paradise


Unto those who preserved Paradise and her people this past weekend.

Thankyou. I cannot simply say anything adequate, especially as I was unable to stay in this realm in her defence myself.

However, before I continue with my thanks I must attend to a darker matter. I do not know who you were, and I will not ask. But those of you who struck down my sister are not welcome in Paradise. Do not slay one of our rulers over your beliefs in OUR lands while we are requested aid on your and our belhalf. If you come here to defend us, you also come to defend our right to practice our faith. The Five ladies are sacred to
Paradise and have always been closely involved with thier people. On a personal level I am enraged that my sister was struck. I have sworn an oath against comitting and condoning violent acts, but never yet have I felt so tested.

Thankyou Sister for watching over and ruling Paradise when I am unable. I know I rarely tell this to you, so I write it here for all to see: I am sorry that I cannot be there for you like I should, I am sorry you face so much and at times so alone. You have my love, and the love of the Paradisean people for thier leader. Truely I would have nothing without you, and they would have no leader. You are not only half of me, but my wings. Even though we rarely spend time together at length, You give me life.

Thankyou to the armies that rose to our defence and the defence of the realms agianst the armie of Illinar. truely without the heros of the realms this would have been a short march for illinar through our lands, Every mother in paradise holding her children tonight prays to the ladies and thier dieties in thanks tonight because of you. Tomarrow the people awaken to the smells of spring and baking bread, to the sounds of
babies crying, instead of the smell of blood and the wail of mouring. Nothing means more in life than this day when we can thank those who fought, and those who perished. When we can understand the price of life and living free and be in awe of those willing to pay it on our behalf.

And Finally I thank the armies of Fae for coming to our Aid. Surely just as the battle was turning you saved us. I realize that so soon after war with so many scars of your own it was nothing short of a miracle, born of a great heart, that you came. Our bond of sacrafice and love will not fade, Paradise will come to your aid if ever you need the help of the mortal realm. It will be Spread and known that the King and
Queen of Faerie rule also our thanks and a piece of my heart.

~ Hope Neria Archa Queleel-Men'tuan

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