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The Paradisian Front (4/26/07)

Two weeks after receiving substantial military
assistance from Chimeron, the Paradisian front is
still being slowly pressed inward toward the capital
city of Paradise itself. The stalwart Chimeroneans
have staunched the initial press, but the lack of a
long-term defensive strategy is hurting morale.

With the King occupied in Chimeron proper, a lack of
meaningful leadership has caused Captains within the
army to form a makeshift council where plans are
proposed to Lady Aberes before set into motion.
Without additional resources, or more experienced
leadership the region is likely to fall to Illinarian
forces in a matter of weeks.

It appears that aggression along the Southern border
between Chimeron and New Illinar has dwindled. It is
theorized that the number of invading and enemy forces
already occupying or advancing upon Chimeron have
given Illinarian commanders pause when considering to
make war upon that region.
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