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You are needed!

I pen this for all men and women! For the Lord and Lady, the Adventurer, The Priest and the Bandit! For Farm Hand's who toil endlesly that all may feast and be well! For the Mother who nurses and raises the noble child with a Just hand!

You Are Needed!!!

Do you recall the destruction which swept across Gwenethlin and the Barony? The mechaniations which divided the mighty Empire? Do you recall the horror of Darak Tur and the merciless arm of General Gabriel?

Illinar has returned! Turmoil spills forth from that far land. Men, woman and children turned to slaves by the Harvest Moon and the Dark Hand! There cities burn! Their farms are salted! Their true and just rulers have been forced to flee, and the people cry out to Justari for Heroes! They cry out for Freedom and Justice!

You Are Needed!!

The greedy eyes of the Harvest Moon have turned their eyes on our Realms! They prepare for the siege of Paradise! Already the brave soldiers of Chimeron and her allies have answered the call! Will you?

I pen this for all who seek a better world, who seek a safe place for their children and their children's children. A land free from the evil and tyranny of the cult of the Dark Hand. For all those brave enough to risk their life for the Freedom of a land far away!

You Are Needed!!

Plans begin immediately, the army is being equipped and formed! Send in your registration today!!

Justari bless and guide you in the coming war! Illinar will be liberated! The Harvest Moon will fall!

Guardian Slaader Of the Free Kingdoms
High Priest of Justari

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