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For the Liberation of Illinar

My Lords and Ladies,

I write to you all at the turning of the tide. The Dark Hand of the Tempest and the hordes of the Harvest Moon Infantry have strangled the life out of the once proud nation of Illinar. The people of that land cry out for Justice, and we shall deliver it to them.

I know many find it strange to think that those who we once considered enemies are now in such dire need of our aid and friendship. Fate works in mysterious ways. The Illinarian people have had to learn the horrible truth about Gabriel and Darak Tur on the tip of a blade. They are desperate, they are scared, and they are lost. They need us to guide them safely home.

As you know the forces of Illinar recently laid siege to Paradise through their portal in New Illinar. A unified force of soldiers and adventurers from Chimeron, Grimloch, Ivory, Mythguard, Fae, The Black Arrow Warband, The Twilight Isle, Fae, Eagle's Rook, Folkestone, and a myriad of other nations repelled this attack.

No one man or woman was the hero that day. If any one adventurer there had offered any less of them then they did, I shudder to think what could have been lost. I had the great Honor of leading that host in the fight to save Paradise. This was an Honor that I seek your blessing to have once more.

I call out to not just my Lord and King Sir Jarrod, nor just the Lords and Ladies of the Free Kingdoms, but to all Just leaders of all the free nations of our great realm. Grant me the honor of leading your people to battle against our enemies in Illinar, and we will make them pay for the suffering they have wrought upon the innocents here and in their homeland. Those who seek liberation and penance will be allowed to return to their homes. Those loyal to the wicked Gabriel or Darak Tur will be put to the sword.

I have guided our united forces before against this enemy. During the Liberation of the Barony, the defeat of the twisted Sir Cecil, during the first liberation of Pale, the quest to unmake the horror of Dark Soul, the Liberation of Paradise and through infinite skirmishes and attacks I have been able to lead many a brave adventurer to victory!

I have spent time in Illinar. I have seen Her glorious temples and beautiful countryside. I have also seen the horrors hidden away by the Dark Hand in the deepest depths of Her dungeons. I know what lies in the heart of our enemy.

When we return to Illinar in the coming month, I would do so knowing I had your faith, your trust and your backs against mine.

What say you my Lords and Ladies? Will you grant me the honor of being your General?

Guardian Slaader of the Free Kingdoms
High Priest of Justari

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