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Illinarian War Camp

Friends and Allies,

As we move across the Illinarian Front we will of course require time to rest. To that end I suggest everyone bring all that they need to set a comfortable war camp.

Of particular importance:

1) Weaponry - Whatever manner of arms and armor you can muster will be needed on the front. If it is a weapon of war - bring it.

2) Heraldry - If your nation has a banner or flag I would like to display it in our war camp, be sure to bring it with you. Cain is currently working on a large banner, as well as armbands for each unit of our army. We shall be united, but each of us should be proud of the land we come from!

3) Alchemical Supplies and Reagents - Be sure you have everything you need to cast all spells at your disposal.

4) Food stores - Fruits, breads and liquids will keep you well nourished through out the day.

Justice and Nobility be Yours,

Guardian Slaader

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