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The Bois

The Bois are creatures of darkness which eminate from Bedlam. They are intelligent in battle, but do not scheme or in any way seem to have any particular leader. In many ways, they are primal Fae. They bear only a resemblence to men, but consist entirely of blackness.

Swords of Light (see Swords of Light) are found to be Armor-Piercing against them, and Wayland Blades banish them back to the abyss of Bedlam. In combat, their dark touch has had many ill effects on people, including those similar to common diseases and poisons.

They have been known to possess people with their darkness and send them back at their allies. Various soul protections are known to be good against it. In the past, they have consumed various people who have been exposed to them, notably Laurante, Stripes, and Bouquet. The ill effects have varied from person to person. Laurante was most notibly harmed (his interaction was voluntary), and when he was struck with a Sword of Light, all that was left was his face and a bit of spine. It seems as if it was pure Bois wearing a Laurante mask, as it were.

They are a dangerous threat to Fae, made all the more pertinent due to the fact that they are also Fae. It is from this Darkness that Cuchullain pulled all that we know as Fae forth.
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