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Black Sickness

Author: Cimone
Date: 12/12/1010
Black Sickness is an illness of sorts that those fighting Bois can sometimes be affected with. My experience has been that it is usually conveyed by those bois who must be surrounded by light in order to be killed and one may realize they have been infected by it because they feel sudden nausea or general illness after having been struck (or having been raised if the blow was a killing one.) It is not an illness that can be cured as most diseases, and seems to be more of an taint on ones self or soul than anything else.
when we first encountered this feeling of illness, people tried to look into it and were told that it would not be possible to gain information on it or cure it until it manifested.

When a group of us were seeking to help one of the wellmen get to an artifact that he thought might be useful in combating the bois, several of us at different points suddenly turned on our friends, attacking friend as if they were foes until we were killed. The best guess people could come up with regarding why or what had caused us to do so was that all of us who did either had a black dot in their spell book, caused we believe by a tainting of some of the fae regionals by bedlam, or believed themselves to have contracted the Black Sickness at some point.
suspecting that the sickness had not manifested, a way to cure it was further looked into.
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