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Swords of Light

Author: Cain
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Swords of Light are blades that have been blessed with the purity and strength of the goddess of Light, Aurora. They are capable of two known functions at this time.

The first function is to slay Death Knights. When a Death Knight is slain in honorable combat by a Sword of Light, he is obliterated, from what one can tell. This is considered to be some kind of check or balance on Garm. The exact story behind this is otherwise unknown.

The second function is to slay The Bois. The Bois are creatures of darkness and are primal Fae in many ways. Swords of Light have been proven to be extremely effective in disbursing Bois, rendering their stubbornness against normal weapons ineffective.

Knights of the Crown in good standing have traditionally been granted the ability to wield any sword they hold as a Sword of Light, acting in her name.

Swords of Light have been created in other fashions in the past. Kethrellen long had a recipe for forging a Sword of Light, involving the Wand of Souls, a few other components, and a Tear of Aurora. Other times, the swords have been fashioned by binding Aurora's light with the soul of the intended wielder. This has created a temporary effect in times past. Rel had created such a sword once, and once then enchantment had faded, he had a tiny shard of that Light left over.
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