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To Save Temorse

This message was the gift from Father Yule to everyone who asked about Temorse. It was spread across five pages which had to be decoded. Capitalizations are mine, added for readability.

To save Temorse from Bedlam you must first prevent Bedlam from subsuming the power of the Titan of Death. You must go back to before this happened. You must use the Watch of Lacunae to go back to this time. You must connect the Watch of Lacunae to the Soul of the Wellmen. You must convince the newfound priestess of Chronos to manipulate the Watch and make your actions fixed in time, so no-one else may ever change what you enact. You must make it impossible for Bedlam to ever subsume Death. Doing this will end Bedlam's mastery over Death. Doing this will make it possible for Temorse to be returned.

Brief clarifications on a number of these points.
Titan of Death: We learned on 12/21/12 that there are ancient beings called Titans. Must more about them will need to be added to the Library, but the pertinent fact here is that when a Titan slays another Titan, it gains that Titan's aspect. Bedlam, which is Mad Tom, Titan of Madness, has slain Malcolm, Titan of Death. This is why dying in Bedlam is permanent.
Watch of Lacunae: The giant clock we usually saw at quests through the Nexus. It has been moved, and is now in the possession of the Heroes of the Realms.
Soul of the Wellmen: Somewhat unclear, but the source of orders and direction for the Wellmen. Samuel Cowperthwaite has a connection to it.
Newfound Priestess of Chronos: Velvet, as of this year's Black & White.

It is possible that this will enable us to not only recover Temorse, but others who have been lost to Bedlam through the ages as well, though this is only speculation.

As is noted elsewhere in this Library, preventing Bedlam from having gained mastery over Death is a necessary step to defeating it forever, as only then will we be able to travel into the demiplane without being truly slaughtered.

Transcription and notes by Counselor Ged.
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