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Author: Rel Zhirah
Date: April 8, 1009
Many questions abound in these dark times. Here I will attempt to address questions which are of utmost importance in this war. May the Light shine on us all.

-Rel Zhirah

Questions without answers:
1. Are souls consumed by Bedlam able to be redeemed or saved?

2. How are souls placed in hematite from Soul Stealers able to be purified?

3. How was the cycle in Fae created?

4. Are the followers of the Queen of Worms from Bedlam?

5. How is Bedlam affected the plane of Oblivion?

6. Where must the Gift be used?

7. When must the Gift be used?

8. Why does Bedlam continue to expand?

9. Why does magic not work within Bedlam?

10. Why is death final within Bedlam?

11. Is there a way to stop the expansion of Bedlam?

12. What is the Black Sickness?

13. What is the black mark many spellcasters have?

14. Are the Furies and Bois related?

15. What changed in Bedlam to cause it to flow out?

Questions with answers:
1. What is Bedlam?
The intersection of Fae, Hell and Oblivion, Bedlam is a tertiary plane of existence. According to basic Planar Theory, overlapping planes create a new plane, separate from the overlapping ones. This new plane inherits traits and qualities from the overlapping planes, as well as acquiring unique traits of its own. This means Bedlam has traits from Fae, Hell and Oblivion, as well as whatever other traits it developed on its own. As of April 1009, Bedlam is also an unstable plane which currently flows out to envelop all which surrounds it.

2. Why do Fae go to Bedlam when struck with Wayland blades?
The creatures we know as "Fae" are actually not natural denizens of Fae at all. At what is likely the beginning of mortal creation, the "Fae" were pulled out of Bedlam as points of light and took shape as we know them now. When Wayland crafted his blades to use against the "Fae", he took their souls and pounded them into swords. The Wayland Blades he created acted as a Bane weapon, banishing a "Fae's" soul back to its original plane of existence. In this case, the plane is Bedlam.

3. Are the Bois of Bedlam "Fae"?
Yes and no. The current inhabitants of Fae do share some of the same qualities of the Bois. This is to be expected given they share the same origin. "Fae", however, all possess the "Light". This "Light" is the difference between a "Fae" who has taken shape and lives among us, and a Bois who is mindless and only seeks to consume.
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