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Of Bedlam and the Maimed Child

Author: Faelinn Shadowmoon
Date: 1007
Generations ago, a group of mortals known as the Wellmen sealed away the evil and darkness pouring forth from the place called Bedlam. The magic and knowledge gathered for years, for generations upon generations, was finally enough to seal this place away for all time. A safeguard was put in place against the accidental opening of Bedlam. Any who wanted to open the gates must commit terrible acts of evil. Only those with the conviction to do such things would be able to open the gate.
(For more information see Trip into bedlam.)

One of the things that was needed was to 'bake meat pies from children's thighs'. For this an orphan boy, still innocent of the evils of the world, was chosen and his legs ritually cut of using a very unusual dagger. The dagger, an artifact known as the Glak K'tal, was dedicated to the devil prince Baal precisely for the use of maiming children. The dagger itself (a 21" angled blade made of ox bone) cause wounds that could not be cured by mortal means. It is said that the dagger was created with that in mind so that the flesh gained from such wounds would taste the the best, for it was gathered in a way that causes excrutiating pain.

Mortal and devilish servants of Baal created their own versions of the Glak K'tal. These daggers, while lacking the powers of the real one, were used for rituals done in the Devil Prince's name and were also made of ox bone. The original dagger eventually became lost in the ages..until it resurfaced so that it could be used to maim the orphan child.

Once the deed was done and they gates of Bedlam opened, I communed with my Goddess, Aurora, to seek guidance and to try to heal the child. Aurora spoke to me:

"My daughter, the task you seek to accomplish is a difficult one. Take the dagger to the forge of the Gods. Using a hammer of the Gods, you must strike the dagger thrice by nine time. Each time, you must call out the true name of the dagger. The person who destroys the dagger will incur the wrath of Baal."

It was over a year later that an opportunity presented itself for the dagger to be destroyed. Nero, who kept the dagger safe for all that time, finally relinquished his hold on it. Once he ascended to his demi-godhood, he has been outrunning the servants of Baal. I had researched long and hard in the libraries in both Chimeron and Ivory and finally found the dagger's name and purpose.

The journey to the forge was not an easy one. A large group of adventurers traveled to Gaol and then the Crossroads for another purpose: to save the heart of Sir McKyre, and allow Dionin to regain his power, lest Garm destroy a Goddess of good in return. After most of the adventurers set back to the Realms, I asked Garm to lead us to Hephaestus's forge in Hades so that our task could be completed. Convincing Garm was the easy part.

We met with Hephaestus, the patron of craftsmen, and spoke at length with the bitter god. Eventually we were able to come to a compromise. He would let us use the forge if we brought him ore that he had never before worked into a sword. Of the available metals we named, he told us to bring him enough Shining Steel ore to craft a longsword. Using the Hammer of Justice upon the forge, the Glak K'tal was destroyed and those present heard the screams of the devil Baal in their minds.

One our job was done, we returned to the Realms. I had made my wish to take the child known to King Pyr of Chimeron and my lord Cain prior to the dagger's destruction. Chimeron would hold no claim over the child and I would be allowed to take him to a safe place to be raised.

Know that he has been given an opportunity to make his own destiny. He will learn a craft and be given the chance to grow up as any child should. Under the watchful eye of many higher powers, I do not fear for his safety. His has been given a home, a new name and most of all, he has been given hope.

He has been healed.

~Squire Faelin Shadowmoon
Acolyte of Aurora
Squire to the Knights of the Crown
City of Ivory
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