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Ways to Fight Bedlam

Our fight with Bedlam has become more important than ever. Now is the time when we must use every resource at our disposal or we will fall. In order to help with this I have made a list of basic things you need to know when fighting Bedlam.

Weapons that will work best against Bedlam Bois:
--Your nation's Northern Light Blade
--Silver weapons with hematite touching them
--Swords of Light
--The Duchess Ophelia in her sword form
--The “Light Gun”
--Light Spells

Defensive spells to protect against Bedlam Bois:
--Circle of Light

More details on each of these can be found in the document On the Infinite Dark .... Below is a quick summary:

Northern Light Blades
Each nation has a blade made by Father Yule. These are made out of ice and light and have proven very effective in fighting Bedlam Bois. They can only be wielded by sworn members of their given nation, although a Knight of a given nation may use the blade associated with their Knighthood instead of their nation’s blade.

Silver Weapons with Hematite
There is a particular kind of bois called a Soul Eater that can only be killed once the souls it has stolen are removed. To do this you must swing a silver blade, with a piece of hematite touching it, and call out “Soul Channel.” Once you hit the Bois like this the soul it stole is now transferred to the hematite and a new piece of hematite must be used. Keep doing this until all of the souls are removed.

Swords of Light
To quote Lady Faelinn: “Swords of Light are blades that have been blessed with the purity and strength of the goddess of Light, Aurora.” There are currently 4 of them:

--The Bones of Shoshonna (2'6” short sword and an 18” dagger)
--The Main Gauche of St. Daniel (2’10” short sword)
--Hope Eternal (6'6" great sword)
--The Sword of the Crossroads (3'8" short sword)

Knights of the Crown have been blessed by the goddess Aurora, so any weapon (up to a 3’8”) that they wield has the power of a Sword of Light. You can make a temporary Sword of Light by tying a person’s soul to a blade. However, should the weapon be destroyed the soul tied to it will need to be called back. This is very dangerous and shouldn’t be done lightly.

Duchess Ophelia
She is duchess of Faerie who became a sword in order to fight the darkness. She is currently wielded by Lady Faelinn. She is also the only known Bois Bane weapon.

Light Gun
A weapon found in a vault controlled by The Wellman, this weapon changes magic missiles cast through it into missiles of light. This is the only weapon known to harm the ZulaBois.

Light Spells
It is always a good idea to have light near you when fighting Bedlam. Certain Bois can only be killed by using Light spells in a certain way. It is also just useful in general as light is the opposite of Bedlam's darkness. If you are a spellcaster and have the ability to learn the spell Light I highly suggest you do so. If you are a fighter find someone who can cast Light and have them make a light for you. If you do so though stay close to the caster, as the light will go out once you are far enough away that you can't hear their voice.

Circles of Light
This is a defensive spell to protect against Bedlam Bois. Any channeler who can call on the goddess Aurora can create a Circle of Light. This is a variation on the Circle of Protection spell. To create it you will need the ability to create magical light and to cast a Circle of Protection. After preparing a Circle of Protection with Light spells, call to Aurora and ask her to bless you so that your ability to cast Circle of Protection changes to Circle of Light. The more ritual you can put into this the better. It is also best if you have a connection to Aurora of some kind, as this spell is powered by faith as much as it is powered by Aurora's light.

If your ritual is successful a Circle of Light will allow all to pass through except Bedlam Bois. They will be unable to cross your circle, just as an enchanted being cannot cross a Circle of Protection.
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