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To Cure Skinwalkers...

During the events of Feast of Chimeron XXI, we encountered forms of our friends that we call Skinwalkers. These husks of those who once were are filled with a vile blackness with an easily manipulated mind. King Alexander Cecil (under possession by Samuel Cecil at the time) was able to command these Skinwalkers to turn on their comrades and fight to the death. They were nigh impossible to defeat, for they continued to rise from the dead with a mere word. We were able to perform a chant to cleanse the blackness from our fallen friends, a chant given to me by Jeremy prior to his untimely demise as a wave of Bedlam consumed him.

Subir tergum vir, Tomé
o seu lugar aos seus
pés mestre

In order for the chant to take effect, we had three people join hands in the shape of a triangle around an incapacitated - or rather, dead - Skinwalker and repeat the chant together. After about five iterations of the chant above, we saw the blackness of the face fade from our fallen friend. We raised them in the normal fashion and there seemed to be no lasting damage as of yet.

We also used this method to relieve King Cecil of his possession. For this, we required six people to surround him fully (for he had wings of blackness). While King Cecil was not dead at the time of the chanting, it still worked which brings up the question whether or not the Skinwalkers must be dead in order to cure them.

Another clarification must be made for this whole report. All of these chants were performed within a large triangle laid out in the ground with silver rope. Each point of the triangle was blessed by a deity that has taken the field against Bedlam. Whether this part is necessary for the chant to work is also unclear.

In conclusion, we have a chant that can cure the Skinwalkers. It must be performed around the body to be cured by three people joining hands in the shape of a triangle. They Skinwalker may or may not need to be dead, and the whole process may or may not need to be done within a silver rope triangle with each point blessed by a deity that has taken the field against Bedlam. Anybody that was unable to escape before Lord Sir Magus Malaki's "Mage" call during Green and Gold is at risk of becoming a Skinwalker. We shall conduct experiments and perform this ritual at all gatherings until all is made clear and we have rid ourselves of this horrible evil from Bedlam.

~Piper of Folkestone
Apprentice Magi of the Realms
Deputy Headmaster of the Bardic College
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