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On the Nature of...

Author: Rodic Hamofel
Place/Gathering Discovered: Treasure Dungeon, Feast of Chimeron 16
Date: May 10, 1008
Transcribed by: Liselle Silvermaple
Translated from Futhark:

On the nature of differentiated Bois.
As conceived by Rodic Hamofel (unsure if the spelling is exactly right on the last name)

The Bois of which our ancestors write was a substance both horrible and strange although their contact seems to have been almost exclusively with the undifferentiated darkness which did spread across the land and consumed entire nations. Several accounts do mention patches of darkness more insidious still this treaty deals explicitly within the realm of the bois discriminate general theory of the Bois itself is well documented.

Black walkers
Accounts of the Black Walkers write of them as monsters of the moonless night. Only ever found in the deepest of darkness. Black Walkers show no ability to convert their prey but instead to rend them limb from limb. Victims were found torn into pieces, pulled apart as a fowl might be by starving curs. Those who survived an assault dreamt on of the terrible claws which brought them to mayhem. It is believed that Black Walkers were virtually unkillable, destroyed only once isolated from other bois and fully removed from the blackness they flock to.

Soul Leaches
Largely impossible to kill directly and ravenously hungry were the Soul Leaches which haunted the nights of our ancestors. Indeed many a wellman was lost to these beasts. Their fates unknown and certainly unthinkable. Each soul eaten made them stronger and they could only be stopped by pulling the spirits back out from the blackness, removing a soul without purifying, however was folly greater than leaving the man to the madness because soon those saved would come down with a fever which believed the could death within. Within one moon those saved would manifest as the darkness and continue the destruction of their kind.
Rubis Banecroft suspected heir to the soul of his generation and one of the finest of wellman was lost by just such a transformation.

A portion of the Bois much denser than others, no luminescence could destroy a disluminus save possible daylight. Large wings would consume all light present, funneling it to the dark center where is would be ultimately destroyed. Neither sword nor spell could harm a disluminus excepting at the very moment when the darkness was weakest.

Eaters of Memory
Perhaps one of the most horrific of all Bois, Eaters of Memory symbolize the very reason for which the greatest work was undertaken, Bois filling the shell of a man. The Eater of Memories wanders amongst the living destroying neither house nor field nor city castle. Instead the Eater of Memories uses it's human shell to attract others before it consumes the one thing which cannot be rebuilt. Without our memories our civilization will fall.

Serpets Postremo
These long thin strands of Bois were lead by commoners as an ill omen and a portent of evils to come. This was often not incorrect although Serpents were sometimes found independent from any known crowds. More often than not they signaled the approach of a significant crowd of Bois.

I presume that this is but a small sampling of how the bois may have divided and differentiated in their nights of freedom. Our ancestors blessed wellman in their own right have chosen to hide and destroy much of their own knowledge of the Bois making my job all the harder. It was the duty of their generations to seal away this evil for all time. It is the duty of our generation to rediscover and rerecord that history. May her light shine brightly in the darkness.

Rodric Hamofel
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