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Chimeron, in various places:
Due to King Cecil's agreement at the Black & White, more and more trees, groves, and even whole stretches of forest have been appearing around the land. Proving himself that these trees were non-sentient and just a healthy boon from Gaia to help his people, the king is most pleased with the return of wildlife as well.

Eagle's Rook:
A candle-light vigil is being held all this week for those lost in battles from earlier times, and to combat the darkness in general as the Long Night continues.

Due to Larry Saurus's agreement at the Black & White, sparse trees have been sprouting up around the base of its volcano, and in other places a bit further away. No wildlife has been spotted there yet, but that may be due to Larry Saurus, Jr. attempting to eat them.

Chimeron, Cecil's Crazy Uncle's Tavern:
There were rumors of something warped and odd, and even undead in the night, which is strange of itself. Shader of Ashenmark led her group of three to test the waters, while Soft & Rosetta grabbed their team and destroyed a Time Snarl (after picking up a Bear with a Knife). Due to the amount of glitter and confetti on the quest after the magical explosion, the rest of the undead were ignored and as such have wandered away into the woods.
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