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From the Centaur-lands and around River Town: Small parties of 3 to 4 centaurs each have been on the move, coming southwards, hacking, slashing and burning any creature on two legs that looks as they could fit the bill for a hunter, ranger, or poacher. River Town has never experienced this in general before, but one or two middle-aged adults have commented on it only being about ten years or so since the last raid, back when it wasn't called River Town.

The Western Mountain Range, toward the City of Ivory: New traders are coming in, looking to establish a new, more permanent base at in the foothills of the main mountain that overlooks the City of Light. Some claim to be from as far away as Alifon, the Western edge of the World, while some come from Avonshire, Marsh's End, and other places West.

North of the Northern Alliance border: A man dressed in red was seen up north the same night a beggar was turned into a bear. The town in the far northwest was having a festival when things became chaotic. There was massive destruction done to the main village hall. Thick mud has made it hard to rebuild as there is still a thaw in progress. Both bear and the man in red were seen running up the mountain, and the innkeeper's daughter is missing as well.

Eastern Seaboard: A ship familiar to some seen flying an unfamiliar banner has been seen headed south. An unidentifiable smaller flag of cobalt blue can be seen below a larger standard of a harpie clutching a sort of flower. Rumor is the ship is setting out for areas south of Dolent Harbor.

Realms-wide: Several commoners all over the Southern Realms report having seen loved ones that have passed on years ago. Most of the stories are ones of reunion and communication, reconciliation, or simple visitations. They seem to happen just after sunset, but before true evening begins (so dusk or twilight). There have been a handful of incidents where the ghosts were not wanted, however, and one case of violent possession that ended in the victim taking their own life on the Outskirts of Glendale. In the Northern Realms, commoners instead have been having dreams of wheels, water, crowns, daggers, and upon waking feel the need to get things done as expediently as possible.

Nymphus Yarrow: An elf male carrying a worn dagger with a dirty, red-ribboned hilt, is inquiring where he could find the group of people known as Rua Tharr Cinn, with no success. Along the way, he preaches for a god called Curt.

The Isle of Asyli: More boats have landed that can be seen from Dolent Harbor, but in the mornings that follow, each boat is usually stripped of sails and other important pieces, and there seems to be construction going on that the people cannot fathom would be for.

Wendmor: An eclectic group of shrines "decorates" the tiny woods line on their western boundary: Curt, The Beast, Harlequin, the Kal en Dral (or the Four Elements), the Five Ladies, Justari, Gaia, The Gray Man, Antioch, and lastly, Quar. When the governor was asked "what's up with that", they commented back that they'd "always just been there, I thought."
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