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Neden: The newly formed church to Harlequin in the lands of Neden has been spewing out unusual... well everything, as the worshipers are apparently attempting to tether the plane of Shadow to the dormant leylines contained in the existing structure of the converted church.
This has been causing some difficulty with the plans of the nation to expand its border east to the river through generally unclaimed lands. Expeditions have been avoiding Judgement Grove, as a paralyzingly wave of fear seems to strike all that approach.

Eastern Borderlands(The Great Swamp): Lights have been seen bobbing around the edges before going underground. A humanoid wearing blue and a covered creature were both seen heading under the ground as well, but at different times.

Blackwood, Clontarf province: Goblins have been raiding small farms and stealing chickens and sheep. No people have been hurt. Local residents just wish they would pay for the food that was taken.

Across the Realms: In smaller populated areas, figures dressed head to toe in white seem to appear out of nowhere, spend a little time searching the area, and disappear just as quickly. There are a few things that ring true, with each of these sightings, no matter what: no more skin than hands and eyes can be seen, as everything else is covered in white fabric; they always appear in pairs; and for the few bold people who approach them that are wearing silver jewelry or carrying a silver weapon, the figures seem far more respective. Speaking to them seems to be useless, however, as the tongue they speak is not one familiar to many.

Sapphire Isle: Chimeron peasants begin traveling to the northern small isle for the winter harvest and bean roasting season for coffee shipments in the spring. Some have been traveling through the graces of the mana powered airship, the Flying Meg and her Captain. If you wish to make an order, then seek the good captain out to discuss a trade.

Chimeron: A small dragon has been seen trying to grant magical boons in trade for sheep or young children. Some farmers are making deals with the dragon for generous crops in the spring. "It's just a wee dragon," one farmer is quoted in saying "What harm is there? it's just tryin' to have food fer the winter." No one has reported selling their children to the dragon, but many sheep have been exchanged for the magical boon.

Chimeron: There was an altercation between the militia, two dark cloaked figures and a sizable number of "dinosaurs", moving to the western borders. When questioned by the militia, the larger of the cloaked figures, identifying itself as Shale, said "these are NOT dinosaurs. They WERE earth elementals. They belong to us now and they serve Keela, Mistress of the Barrows" When pressed why they had a small army moving through Chimeron without permission, Shale is quoted in saying "Your king should be thanking us. We control the portal now. We are removing these numbers from your lands." When ordered to disband, the number continued their march west. not much else is known, since the sole survivor to recount the tale succumbed to their wounds, which would not heal with conventional healing magic.

Just west of Eagle's Rook: Villagers noticed what appeared to be a group of small travelers, all bearded, who entered town to get supplies and then left without much of a trace.

Eagle's Rook: Two blue & white visitors were seen in the company of the would-be prophet yesterday, and oddly, he was not there the next morning. While some fervent followers of Curt were disappointed, those that have listened are still inspired and do not shirk work, even in the blasted cold.

Wendmor: Residents found it odd and a little offensive when a guest accused them of sorcery this week. They politely gave him supplies and sent him on his way north, ignoring his shouts of, "But they weren't all dark elves yesterday! And what's with the symbols on their foreheads?! Who the hell is this Beast or Harlequin, for that matter?!"
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