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Eagle's Rook: The prophet that keeps rambling about Getting Things Done before the Spring Equinox is still there, traveling throughout the lands. His words seem to bolster the spirits of more people, though, as repairs usually left to the Spring are being attempted at some smaller homesteads and buildings in the bitter cold of January. The prophet also mentions that he is looking for one BattleMage of Curt, young and yet old at the same time. The prophet claims that the man is from a northern family of old.

Wendmor: A smaller shrine to Harlequin has been made and dedicated, placed near to the Curt shrine (on the other side, away from The Beast shrine). The governor is puzzled by these small areas being blessed by different and smaller or lesser known deities, cropping up on the edge of the wood line.

Eastern Borderlands(The Great Swamp): Lights have been seen bobbing around the edges before going underground. A humanoid wearing blue and a covered creature were both seen heading under the ground as well, but at different times.

Blackwood, Clontarf province: Goblins have been raiding small farms and stealing chickens and sheep. No people have been hurt. Local residents just wish they would pay for the food that was taken.
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